Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Update

     This weekend I traveled all over New York City, from Harlem to the Hamptons.  It was truly crazy.  As a result of these travels, I am exhausted, and so this post will be mostly be photos. One tid bit of news, I moved out of Ali's apartment and have my own place in Murray Hill!  Enjoy and happy Monday!
I'm going miss my morning jogs around the reservoir 

I get pumped for Manhattanhenge every year, even if it is cloudy 

Alyssa playing with a kitty--Friday night festivities 

Ali and I saw a Jean-Michel Basquite exhibit on Saturday morning 

Cannoli from Brooklyn that I  bought at a street fair---DELICIOUS 

Had to have a Papaya hotdog before moving off the UES! 
Ali on the back porch of a friend's apt in Harlem---absolutely beautiful. 

Randomly went to a club in the Hamptons. Just for the night. 

Beautiful library near my apartment. 

Random parade in the city (can't remember what for) 
Neat flower pot seen in Chelsea on my Sunday afternoon stroll

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