Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The End is Near

Julia and I on the Met Rooftop Garden
This past weekend was my second to last weekend in NYC. On Friday I finally made it to the Prada and Schiaparelli exhibit titled Impossible Conversations, at the Met. I didn't really know what to expect after the McQueen exhibit last summer which was so impeccably put together and beautiful--definitely hard to top. The thing is that Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada lived in completely different eras, yet their inspirations and designs share many similarities and fit quite well together and the exhibit did an excellent job of showing how each designer reflected the other. Because Schiaparelli focused on the waist up, and Prada on the waist down, their pieces could be shown together as a whole. I especially liked where they contrasted Schiaparelli's hats with Prada's shoes. Throughout the entire exhibit was a running video of a simulated conversation between Prada and Schiparelli. As an art history major, I found it particularly interesting to learn that Schiaparelli was active in the Surrealist movement, specifically working with Dali on many of her designs. I love Dali and had no idea he had influenced fashion! If I had the money I would certainly invest in one of her pieces that Dali influenced...

Sunset on the East River
After the Met I went to the gym to finish my lifting for the week. For some reason I have an intense obsession with not falling out of my lifting cycle because I know once the next week rolls around, I have a whole new set of exercises to do. I would much rather miss a swim practice that my lifting because I know that the practice can be changed where as I always feel the need to complete my lifting... its weird. After lifting I ate dinner and then went to a friends rooftop to enjoy the views of the city and good company.

The main reading room
Saturday morning Ash and I took a tour of the New York Public Library. I had never been inside before and I am so so glad I went. The library gives free tours to the public Monday through Saturday at 11am and 2pm, and at 2pm on Sunday. The inside of the library is even more glorious than the exterior and some of the facts that our tour guide threw out were mind boggling. For example, the library has an annual budget of 320 million dollars, and 75 miles of bookshelves... insane. After the tour I ran to Magnolia Bakery to pick up Caroline's birthday cake, and then hailed a cab to Penn Station. I had 11 minutes to make my train and I sprinted from the cab, to the ticket kiosk, to the train, like the crazy person that I am. I am a LIRR champ and so I obviously made it, but I was also drenched in sweat...

I took the train out to Cold Spring Harbor where Caroline threw a great 21st birthday party at her house and we hit up the bars of Huntington. On Sunday I hung out with Caroline at her friends pool, eating delicious food and just relaxing. I can see why New Yorkers love to get out of the city in the summer if they have a nice pool or beach to relax at...

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sick and sicker

Sunset in Chelsea 
As I mentioned in my previous post, I got sick after being over-exposed to the sun. Apparently this sickness wanted to hang out with me all week and through the weekend. What can I say, I'm a pretty cool kid.

Despite my on-going sickness, I still managed to accomplish a few things this weekend. On Friday after work I headed over to the Chelsea Piers for some kayaking! A co-worker and I bought a great deal on Living Social to go kayaking for an hour and it was well worth it. The weather held out and turned out to be nice actually and we got to see a beautiful sunset on the water. I love doing outdoor activities and have been doing things on and in the water since I was about 9. In that time, I have never been seasick once. About halfway through our kayak trip, it hit me. Extreme nausea and a headache. It was miserable. The guide convinced me that getting in the water would help, she swore that it would actually, but it didn't and I ended up jumping into the Hudson for nothing (don't worry, I took a shower as soon as I we left). I was even more mortified when the instructor attached a rope to my kayak to tow me back...

Anyways, after reaching land, Anna and I went back to her apartment where I promptly showered and then relaxed. I thought the sickness would go away, but alas, it persisted. I was forced to abandon the opening ceremonies and head home, straight to bed.

Saturday morning I skipped practice and was feeling significantly better. I headed out to the infamous Coney Island with Will, Julia, and Will's friend from school, David. I haven't been to Coney Island since I was a kid but it was pretty interesting. Julia and I loved the aquarium because I love animals and Julia is basically a 10-year-old. When we went to see the walrus in the underwater viewing area, she screamed out "Oh my god he is so fat!! Look at him jiggle!" And with the seals it was, "Ohhh look at its butt!!" Endless entertainment.  We left the aquarium after about two hours and headed to the famous Nathan's. The boys and I indulged in the classic hotdog and fries, while Julia stuck with her diet and ate a bag of cotton candy.

After Coney we headed home and Julia and I hung out at her place. I watched some Olympics until my stomach started hurting again and then called a quits. Sunday I went swimming, where my body felt like limp noodles since I hadn't really worked out all week but it was good to hit the water again. I spent the rest of the day wandering around, eating ice cream, and doing laundry.

Only two more weeks left in the city!

Friday, July 27, 2012


As the beginning of my last college year is approaching, it is once again time for back-to-school shopping. Although I have most of the necessities by now, each year I buy a new bag for school. In high school I obviously sported the ever popular cult classic, North Face backpack (which I still own and use for travel), but since then I have graduated to tote bags.

Last summer I purchased a mufti-toned brown leather bag to abide by the color blocking obsession, but it was pretty cheap and the straps were not durable enough to handle my heavy books. This year I plan to spend more money on a bag that is stronger and of greater quality. My eyes have recently fallen upon this IIIBeCa bag. IIIBeCa bags are a new line from Joy Gryson that are handcrafted and give back 3% of proceeds to charity. Red is one of my favorite colors and this bag has thick straps that can withstand my books and they are adjustable too. I will also be able to fit my laptop in here which is a huge plus. The bag is a bit pricy at just under $200, but I think it will be worth it. You can purchase the bag here. The bag also comes in other neutral colors and a nice bright blue. I will have a hard time choosing between the blue and red... enjoy!

For those of you with a bigger budget, Coach has some great new bags out as well. My Mother lovingly passed me down her green bucket bag from the 80s which I love and is still in great shape today. Although their bags are much more expensive, they hold up well and are simple and sleek.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Office Outing

Office Practice
Yesterday a bunch of people from the office went out on a golf excursion. A couple of guys even brought their own clubs, and in the stereotypical business office manner, we practiced our putting in the office. It was pretty hilarious watching some of my fellow employees try to hit a ball into a cup, but I'm just glad we did it away from the widows, otherwise there could have been some damage.

We headed to the real green after work on Randall's Island. I have never been there before but it was really nice and the diving range was well kept and also had a mini gold course and batting cage. We couldn't have asked for better weather as it was in the upper 70s and we also caught a spectacular sunset from the top of the driving range. Some of us were definitely better than others, and all I can say is that I will be sticking with swimming. Hand-eye coordination sports are not my thing.

Eric posing for the shot
Golf was by pitchers of beer and after hitting about 30 balls me and a couple of friends decided to retire to the snack bar. Chicken tenders and nachos made for a great dinner. Considering how little I actually golfed, I am strangely sore in my torso and forearms...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lobster Status

Things I did this weekend:
1. Went to the Beirgarten and the Boom Boom Room. Great views and greatly overpriced drinks. Ended up at Artichoke again...surprise surprise!
2. Went to Lido beach with my friend Kathryn
3. Got a great sunburn! Had an old man come up to me, ask if I had sunblock, and then tell me to put some on---ummm, thanks, I know that I have sunburn!
4. Tried to go out, got sick from sun poisoning. Yay.
5. Went to the Cloisters on Sunday morning. It was amazing.
6. Ate at Dino BBQ. Also amazing.
7. Passed out for the rest of the day.
8. Got an awful head cold.

Thanks to number 8, I had to leave work early yesterday to sleep and re-cooperate. I feel much better now thankfully.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Chicago Seven
I forgot to mention the awesome art exhibit I saw last Friday! I went to the Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea and saw the Richard Avedon show titled, "Murals and Portraits." I was initially drawn to see it because Richard Avedon is one of the grandfathers of fashion photography, having worked for Vogue and produced many iconic images for them, but apparently he worked in many other genres.
Rose Mary Woods

I was blown away by his murals, that were probably about 9-10 feet high and stretched 20 feet long. My favorite was of the Chicago Seven, a group of individuals who were charged with conspiracy and inciting a riot among other charges at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. The 60s were a time of immense social, political, and cultural change, especially in relation to gay rights, women, and the Vietnam War. The three other murals were of the Mission Council (Vietnam War), Warhol and his Factory, and Allen Ginsberg's Family.  The sheer size of the works were impressive and you really had to stand in front of them for at least 10 minutes to soak it all in.

Another of my favorite shots was his portrait of Rose Mary Woods, secretary to President Nixon. Something about the portrait is just so brutally honest and pure, and I love it. The photos he took in Vietnam were very moving as well.
One of his most famous fashion shots

I HIGHLY recommend this show.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


I do realize that I am about to write about last weekend when this weekend is just about to start, but I always say, better late than never.  This past weekend was relatively calm. I met one of my best friends in the entire world, the infamous Hillary, for dinner at the 79th Street Boat Basin. She is working in the city, officially, and has a real world job. I talked about how I can't believe that I only one more year of college left and she shouted out out, "I WILL NEVER GET TO GO BACK TO COLLEGE!" Touche.

On another note, the restaurant was very nice, situated on the Hudson river with views of the water and a fun  vibe. After dinner, I went home and just relaxed. Lame, I know, but I was exhausted.

Saturday morning I went swimming and then met up with Moe and Emma for brunch at Pranna. Fun as always with the free food and drinks. Can't complain. After Pranna we went on a three hour boat cruise, compliments of New York Health and Racquet Club. The Cruise started on the East river and went all the way down around the bottom of the Financial District, up to the Upper West Side, and then back down and around. We had great views of the city from every angle, not to mention a beautiful sunset on the Statue of Liberty. We docked at around 9PM and decided to go back to my apartment to all hang out before going back out. Well... 11:30 rolled around and Emma, Charnelle and I were in my bed, ready for sleep. So we didn't go out again.

What can I say, I guess I'm just getting old.

Kusama canvases
Sunday morning I headed to the Whitney to see the new Yayoi Kusama exhibit. I was disappointing that they had sold out of tickets to see her "Fireflies on the Water" light show, but I guess I will just have to go back. The rest of her exhibit was crazy cool--I mean, this woman has willingly been living in a psychiatric ward for the past 35 years so she is a little "unique" to say the least. Some of my favorite pieces were her collages and the huge square paintings. She orchestrated many happenings during the hippie era that I wish I could have seen and even wrote a letter to President Nixon during the Vietnam War saying that she would have sex with him if he ended it! Her polka dots are probably her most noteworthy art influence, as they now cover the Louis Vuitton building on 5th Avenue. Her collaboration with LV is of great interest to me as I love to see fashion and art directly influence one another. If I could buy one piece it would definitely be the black and white sunglasses.

Sunday afternoon I took a walk around to explore the East Village/Lower East Side. I ended up in Tompkins Square Park where there just happened to be a concert going on. Who was preforming you ask? Why, only the band Transgender Jesus! Never have I ever heard of or seen such a band in my life but it was entertaining to say the least. From what I gather, it was a LGBT kind of concert that featured a few different bands. All I can say is, New York City never ceases to surprise me.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Sunset from rooftop of Hotel Empire
      Last Thursday was a great day. I woke up early to go to the gym and workout before work which always helps me arrive energized (but of course there is the dreaded hour of sleepiness that comes around 10AM). My boss had earlier given me and a few co-workers tickets to attend a preview showing of the new Christian Marclay exhibit at Lincoln Center. The piece is titled The Clock and it is a 24-hour film made up of clips from thousands of movies, each of which coincide exactly to the current time that you watch the piece. For example, I went to the 7-8pm showing, and during that time, hundreds of clips from films (old and new) were pieced together, and each clip had a clock with the exact same time as I was watching or made reference to the time. It was truly impressive and it took the artist years to comb through all these films to find precises moments. I only wish I knew exactly how he did it! (My guess is he had some interns who had to watch hundred of movies for time reference...) The exhibit is now open to the public and its FREE so go and see it! I am going back this week to watch another part. 

      After the showing, we were invited to a rooftop reception at the Hotel Empire where we got to feast on plenty of free food and drinks. It was nice to hang out with some of my fellow employees outside of the office--sometimes its hard to imagine that the people we work with even exist outside of the workplace... After a few hours of wine and conversation, we left the hotel and went our separate ways. To be honest, I was quite tired at that point, by my friend Emma convinced me to go to this posh club with her for a while. The club was called Tenjune (Meatpacking district) and was a crazy cluster of strobe lights, champagne, and dancing. We hung out for a couple of hours but by 2AM I had to call a quits. Not to mention I am pet sitting and had to go let the dog out!

      Speaking of, the dogs name is Bubbles and she is a 12-year-old Shih Tzu. Bubbles is strange because she does not enjoy being petted, quite the opposite actually because when I pet her she starts to grown and bare her teeth at me... Regardless, it is nice to be around a dog again since I miss my two at home.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Hallie's precious pup Rigby
This past weekend Ash and I went out to Connecticut to visit our friend Hallie. I have never been to CT before, but after this visit, I would love to return.  Hallie lives in Ridgefield, which I have been told is in "horse country." We definitely picked the right weekend to go because we got to escape the 100 degree weather in the city. Connecticut was so green and plush compared to nyc and it was a nice change of pace to drive in a car everywhere instead of taking public transportation. Not to mention, Hallie's house is beautiful and her parents were great hosts! I ate like a king and enjoyed every minute of it.

When we arrived Friday night we went to a restaurant "in town" (I put quotation marks because there really one main street that makes up the town), called the Bissell House. It was an American grill type place and I enjoyed some delicious salmon and crab cakes. Living so close to the coast, I definitely took advantage of the array of fresh seafood available. For dessert I indulged in three mini ice cream sandwiches, made of homemade cookies and filled with chocolate, vanilla, and mint ice cream. Delicious. After dinner, we went back to Hallie's house and sat out on there back porch for a few hours, drinking and enjoying each others company. 

Saturday morning we woke up and went to get our nails done. Nothing is more relaxing than a mani-pedi with a complementary back massage... After being pampered for an hour, Hallie gave us a quick tour of her town--taking us to her favorite cupcake place of course. We bought 6 fancy looking cupcakes and then got in the car to go to Westport for lunch. As we pulled out of the parking lot though, a woman ran up to the side of the car and banged on the window. Shocked, Hallie rolled down her window and the woman reached up and handed us our cupcakes... then we felt a thud. Apparently Hallie had forgotten to actually put the cupcakes INSIDE of the car and just drove off. And when that woman stopped to give us our cupcakes, she forgot to actually park her car and it rolled into the back of Hallie's... I guess it was just one of those days...
Westport Beach

After our cupcake fiasco, Hallie took us to a yacht/golf club and we ate lunch outside overlooking the water. I love the ocean so this was perfect for me. I had a blueberry mojito and calamari salad to start, then ate a juicy burger with fries while watching sailboats go by and people paddle boarding (I really want to try that!) After lunch we got back in the car and drove by the beach. It was a bit cloudy so not a good day to lay out but it was still beautiful none-the-less. We then headed to the famed supermarket, Stew Leonard's. Hallie's parents had raved to us about hos fun it was and so we had to check it out for ourselves. There is essentially one line that snakes through the whole store, taking you by each section of food. My personal favorite was the banana section that had a Chiquita Banana that sang to you when you pushed the button. The rest of the store was filled with such talking animals/objects like butter sticks, cows, and milk. It was hilarious. Even though I looked like a complete tourist with my camera around my neck, I didn't care, this place was a basically like a food ride a Disney World! At the end of the trip, I bough some of their ice cream which was more of a custard. And got it covered in chocolate sprinkles of course. Double delicious. We got back in the car and out of interest, (and since Hallie and Ash were jealous of my ice cream), they opened up to take a peek at our cupcakes. In the heat, the car had turned into a portable oven and the cupcakes were completely melted. The cupcake fiasco continued. Ash and Hallie were happy to report that they still tasted great.

After Stew's, we drove back home to shower and change for dinner. Hallie's parents took us to a little French restaurant (that I can't remember the name of), that apparently Keith Richards frequents. As an avid Rolling Stones fan, this obviously made me instantly love the place. I was very excited about the possibility of dining with the rock star, but alas, he did not show. Regardless, I enjoyed some exotic cocktails, French onion soup, and steak frites. And to top it all off, chocolate mousse.

After dinner we headed to Norwalk, which has some of the only real night life around there. We went to a bar called The Ginger Man which had a very rustic feel--not too crazy but still seemed to have a large crowd there. Ash tried some of the interesting beers on tap and I stuck with Vodka. Hallie was our DD so she just sipped on a beer for a few hours, like a champ. We met an array of gentle men that night, all with interesting back stories, and all in all, it was a lot of fun. A very different scene from the bars in NYC, but I loved it. When we got kicked out of the bar at 2AM (who closes that early?!), we walked back to the car, only to be distracted by a bar fight that had broken out at the end of the street. Cops immediately swarmed the boys and had them on the ground and in handcuffs in a matter of seconds. It was crazy. I am always curious as to why these sorts of things break out...

Polo match
Sunday morning we enjoyed sleeping in until 11 and then were greeted by the scent of freshly baked blueberry scones, courtesy of Hallie's mom (she used to own a bake shop!). They were to die for. We sat on the porch for a while eating and talking and then got ready for the polo match. The match was held in Greenwich, a short 25 min drive away, and it was a perfect day. A bit warm, but the shade and slight breeze made it bearable. In true W&L fashion, we had our own tent set up, crowded with Alumni, snacks, and booze. I have never been to a polo match before and it was a fun game to watch. And I got to wear a big sun hat so I was happy.

After the match we met up with her parents for dinner at an Italian restaurant called Terra Sole. I love Italian food and would eat only Italian if I had the choice. To start I had a platter of brie, complete with toasted bread, cranberries, and jam. My main dish was linguine with lobster and prawns. There was a generous amount of seafood which surprised and delighted me. I LOVE SEAFOOD. And of course, I could not turn down dessert. Three words: chocolate banana beignets. Oh my gawdddd they were amazing. Soft puffy doughnut holes filled with warm banana and topped with chocolate sauce and a scoop of espresso ice cream. Her dad also ordered a round of limoncello for the table, which I tried to sip, but alas, I could not take the extreme tart lemon flavor. Her dad willingly finished off mine, Ashley's and her mothers.
Beignets and limoncello

After a weekend of eating, relaxing, polo matching and chatting, Ash and I headed back to the city and all of this hotness.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hot and Sweaty

Still can't get over the view from my room
This past week was by far, the hottest yet. The highs were in the 90s every day, and the worst part about the city, is that it just traps the heat. The tall buildings seem force the heat to stay on the streets and the asphalt just magnifies it. You have heat above you and heat below you, making it extremely uncomfortable to be outside for long periods of time.

I got off of work early on the 3rd since the next day was a holiday, and so Will and I went to the Met for the afternoon. Although I am often overwhelmed by the size of the museum, its size is nice because you can see a new exhibit every time you go. I really wanted to see the Durer exhibit since I had studied some of his works in relation to Leonardo last semester, and Will wanted to check out all of the photography. We saw a quite interesting exhibit on photography and the naked body, which examined how the human form has influenced how we take photos, and what we take photos of in general. It was a very neat exhibit, but when we approached the last image of an African male, a woman behind us made a comment that could not be ignored. She made note of his "endowment," and although Will and I had been very mature throughout all of the images, we lost it when she commented on his "size." We quickly moved towards the exit as we could not contain our laughter at her remarks. As an art history major, I have seen all sorts of nude artwork, and have thus learned how to interpret and appreciate it, but every now and then, I can't help it when my immature-middle-school-I've-never-seen-a-naked-body-laughter comes out.
Will at the Met!

Will and I explored the museum for another hour or so, visiting one of my favorite rooms, the Impressionists, and then left when it closed around 5:30. I could sit and look at a Monet or Derain painting for hours if you let me.

On the 4th, Ashley and I got up early and went to the gym. After our workout, we walked along 5th ave to partake in some of the amazing summer sales. Although I was feeling pretty broke since I hadn't been paid yet, I purchased a great coral colored sun hat from JCrew (for only $12!) for the polo match this weekend.

After some shopping, we went back home to shower and change and stay out of the heat for a while. Later that night, we met up with some friends and had dinner at a restaurant/bar called Traffic in Hells Kitchen. The service was pretty awful but it was nice to hang out with friends and catch up. From there, we walked along the highway and watched the Macy's fireworks. They were pretty awesome, but the crowds plus the heat made the experience a little bit tiring. In the end, I had a nice 4th of July and can now say that I have seen the fireworks in NYC. Next year though, its time for the Hamptons...

Friday, July 6, 2012


    I haven't blogged about this for a long time, but I love my swim team here. They are gay, loud, and so much fun. They are easily one of the things I miss most when I leave the city in August.

    When I graduate next year and officially become "retired," I will for sure be joining a gay masters team.

That's all.

*side note, I myself am not gay, but the team welcomes everyone

Photo from 2011 Pride Parade

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Weekend Update

I know this is a bit late, but I got slammed with work this week, not to mention, it was our country's birthday.

This past weekend was quite eventful. Friday after work I took advantage of the MoMA's free Friday admittance and walked around my favorite museum. I especially love looking at the extreme abstract art--something about the simplicity of the shapes seems to let my mind release from the past week of work. I couldn't stay long though because it was so crowded that I started to get annoyed by all the tourists and people taking pictures.

I had some friends come over Friday night to get ready to go out and then we headed to the Hudson Terrace for some rooftop dancing. It was a crazy scene: packed with sweaty men and women, dancing, drinking, thumping music, and great views of the water. Oh yeah, and we got sweet glow stick things. The DJ was really good too--DJ PHRESH. (love the spelling). This was my first visit to a rooftop party and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Vodka Sparklers
Saturday morning I woke up early(ish) and headed to Columbia for swim practice--at 9AM it was already hot and humid--not a good omen for the day to come. After swimming I went home, made a gourmet bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, and then got showered and changed. Ash and I met up with Emma and some of her friends at a place called Pranna. Emma had been here before and was raving about their "Sunday brunch/dance club" and so I had to try it.  Some how, Moe and Emma know this club promoter that gets them into all these trendy places for free. I need to learn how to meet these people. We sat down at a large booth and were immediately greeted with endless mimosas. Then came the food: banana crepes, quiche, salad, french fries, buffalo wings, and more. All free. We ate and chatted for a while and then Ed (club promoter) said we were moving into the next room. This next room was basically a dining room transformed into a afternoon club. There was a DJ playing never-ending pop music and a guy sitting next to him playing a drum? That was strange but also cool I guess. We sat at our new table/booth and were greeted with more mimosas and then waitresses started bringing out bottles of vodka with sparklers. It was like a scene from one of those posh parties that only the super rich go to where they bring out the champagne to you with sparklers. I don't mean to gush or anything, but it was too cool. We danced and drank for the next couple of hours and then all decided to go home and take quick nap.

We later reconvened for the night at a bar called McFadden's in midtown. One of our friends has a birthday in June, and apparently if you were her friend, you got half priced drinks the whole night. Awesome. It was also "Dodgeball" night at the bar, so all of the bartenders were dressed up as either of the gyms in the movie--the sporadically got on top of the bar to dance to songs and pour shots all around. It was hilarious. The bar played classic songs that everyone could sing along to like Shania Twain, Backstreet Boys, and Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy. Cheesy, but perfect. After a good amount of time there, we headed down to the Meatpacking District and hit up one last bar before calling it a night.
Emma may have spilled her drink...

Sunday was spent mostly indoors since it was oppressively hot. My biggest accomplishment for Sunday was painting my finger and toe nails.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Official Resident

My new room!
Since it has been over two weeks since my last post, I will give you a quick bullet style recap of my past events:
·         *Took the LSAT (and hopefully aced it!)
·         *Have loved staying with the Sutherlands on Long Island
·         *Hated the hour and a half commute
·         *Found a room to sublet in Stuyvesant (Stuy) Town
·         *Got the room and moved in last Friday!
·         *Went out to many bars on the Lower East Side
The amazing sunset on Friday
So, my life has taken a huge turn in that I am now living on the island of Manhattan.  After moving in last Friday, I went to Caroline’s sister's birthday party which was so fun. Her theme was “burgers and bubbly” which was a delicious one for sure. She had Pop Burger cater sliders and had many a bottle of champagne, along with other libations as well.  After the party, Caroline and a couple of her friends from LI and a couple of W&L friends went out to some bars/clubs around town.  All in all, it was a great night.
Will and I on the BK Bridge
Saturday morning, I woke up around 9:30 and forced myself to shower and get dressed. I met up with Will and we took the train down into Brooklyn Heights. From there, we walked across the bridge back into Manhattan. We picked a perfect day because there were clear skies and it wasn't terribly hot. There was also a very nice breeze on the water. The bridge was amazing because you could see just how much work went into its construction. The large brown bricks are beautiful you just don’t see bridges like that built anymore.  We also had a great view of the Manhattan Bridge.  A foreign couple asked Will to take a pic of them which is not surprising, but then the guy pulled out an apple and said, “We want you to take a picture of us in the big apple with our own apple!” They then proceeded to put the apple between them and they both bit in and held that pose for a couple of shots. It was priceless.
Will and I then walked around the Financial District and grabbed a bite for lunch. We then went back to Stuy Town together because will was actually working on some sort of video recording there. Stuy Town by the way is completely adorable. It is a little village within itself, kind of situated in a park. There is a large fountain in the center of the village and they have bands play on Saturdays during the summer and have a small farmers market every Sunday morning.  After saying bye to Will, Ashley and I (who lives in the building right across from me!), went to the grocery store to do some much needed shopping.  I then went back and rested for a while because my feet were aching from all the walking. 
Later that night, Ash and I got ready to go out and made dinner for ourselves. We cooked a very delicious shrimp and linguine dish, straight out of the bag. We are top chefs. After our 5-star meal, we got dressed and hit the town. We planned on meeting up with some friends at a bar in midtown, and so we took the bus all the way up there, only to realize that I had forgotten my ID… So then we went all the way back home to get my ID, and then all the way back uptown again, only to realize that the bar we met our friends at was kind of lame and disgusting.  So then Ash and I just went back to the Lower East Side and hung out at some of our favorite spots.
Margherita pizza
At around 2AM we were getting tired and began our walk home. There is this place called Artichoke Pizza right around the corner from where we live, but we had never stopped there until Saturday night. We had always noticed the long lines outside but never thought it would be worth the wait. Well, let me tell you, it is worth it. They sell only three kinds of slices (Sicilian, Artichoke and Spinach, and margherita), but they are to die for. The crust is perfectly crispy but not burnt, and the cheese just melts in your mouth. The prices are a bit high at $4/4.50 a slice, but well worth it. They are a good size too. I got the margherita and Ash got the artichoke-spinach and I highly recommend both.  And the place stays open until 5:30 on the weekend so don’t worry about them closing early.
Gay Pride Parade
After sleeping in until 12 on Sunday, Ash and I made our way to the Gay Pride Parade. I saw this amazing display last year, but Ashley was a gay pride virgin, so she was very excited. The usual display of half-naked, ornate costumes, and flamboyant men and women, paraded all the way down 5th avenue. My personal favorite of the parade was the cowboy saloon float, that was jamming to classic country and had one guy dancing with his boots and underwear with such pizzazz; it really got the crowd going.  After watching the parade for a couple of hours, Ash and I had worked up an appetite and so we wandered around in search of some good greasy food. We settled on Big Daddy's Diner and were thoroughly satisfied. I got an omelet with tater tots smothered in chili and cheese and a waffle, with a banana split milkshake to top it off. Another place I highly recommend. We were exhausted by 4 o'clock and so walked back home and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. All in all, a great weekend.