Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The End is Near

Julia and I on the Met Rooftop Garden
This past weekend was my second to last weekend in NYC. On Friday I finally made it to the Prada and Schiaparelli exhibit titled Impossible Conversations, at the Met. I didn't really know what to expect after the McQueen exhibit last summer which was so impeccably put together and beautiful--definitely hard to top. The thing is that Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada lived in completely different eras, yet their inspirations and designs share many similarities and fit quite well together and the exhibit did an excellent job of showing how each designer reflected the other. Because Schiaparelli focused on the waist up, and Prada on the waist down, their pieces could be shown together as a whole. I especially liked where they contrasted Schiaparelli's hats with Prada's shoes. Throughout the entire exhibit was a running video of a simulated conversation between Prada and Schiparelli. As an art history major, I found it particularly interesting to learn that Schiaparelli was active in the Surrealist movement, specifically working with Dali on many of her designs. I love Dali and had no idea he had influenced fashion! If I had the money I would certainly invest in one of her pieces that Dali influenced...

Sunset on the East River
After the Met I went to the gym to finish my lifting for the week. For some reason I have an intense obsession with not falling out of my lifting cycle because I know once the next week rolls around, I have a whole new set of exercises to do. I would much rather miss a swim practice that my lifting because I know that the practice can be changed where as I always feel the need to complete my lifting... its weird. After lifting I ate dinner and then went to a friends rooftop to enjoy the views of the city and good company.

The main reading room
Saturday morning Ash and I took a tour of the New York Public Library. I had never been inside before and I am so so glad I went. The library gives free tours to the public Monday through Saturday at 11am and 2pm, and at 2pm on Sunday. The inside of the library is even more glorious than the exterior and some of the facts that our tour guide threw out were mind boggling. For example, the library has an annual budget of 320 million dollars, and 75 miles of bookshelves... insane. After the tour I ran to Magnolia Bakery to pick up Caroline's birthday cake, and then hailed a cab to Penn Station. I had 11 minutes to make my train and I sprinted from the cab, to the ticket kiosk, to the train, like the crazy person that I am. I am a LIRR champ and so I obviously made it, but I was also drenched in sweat...

I took the train out to Cold Spring Harbor where Caroline threw a great 21st birthday party at her house and we hit up the bars of Huntington. On Sunday I hung out with Caroline at her friends pool, eating delicious food and just relaxing. I can see why New Yorkers love to get out of the city in the summer if they have a nice pool or beach to relax at...

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