Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesdate II

Kira with her lox and bagel
     I don't know how I do it, but I keep lucking out with the hottest dates on Wednesday night.  Tonight one of my best friends from high school was in town on business and so we met up for dinner and dessert.
Matzo ball soup and soda

     I had recently read about the resurgence of old world Jewish restaurants and so I was very curious as to what these might be.  One of the restaurants discussed was Ross & Daughters Cafe, which just opened up this month.  They also have just a deli/store on Houston but this cafe is on Orchard.  The menu look amazing and when we arrived, I was truly blown away.  The decor, food, and atmosphere makes this place a must visit in my book (or for me a second visit at least!). We shared the latkes to start then a classic lox and bagel as well as matzo ball soup.  Doesn't get much more Jewish than that! We also each had a ginger soda that was infused with lavender and very relaxing after this long day. 

The soda counter/bar
     After dinner we walked over to Big Gay Ice Cream on 7th Street, one of my favorite ice cream shops in NYC.  Kira loves the sweet and salty combo and so for anyone who also enjoys that, this is your place.  

     All in all, I had two delicious meals and got to spend time with one of my best friends. Not quite like the Wednesday nights I had in college, but I guess I also can't really go out partying in the middle of the week any more! Growing up kind of sucks, but you learn to appreciate life other than partying, like good friends and good food. 

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Monday


     I ended my beautiful three day weekend with a walk through Central Park, but this time, Ali took me to a part that I had never been to before. The Conservatory Gardens are up on 105th Street and are simply studding.  There are three separate gardens within, each with their own style. 
Michael Albert
     On our way to the park we also stopped by an noticed some free art right across from the Guggenheim.  The artist Michael Albert was randomly giving away free prints to anyone who wanted one.  Me, being the art addict that I am, happily picked out one titled "Map of Manhattan."  I really enjoyed his work because much of it is in a collage style, and while growing up, I loved to make fashion collages out of my old Vogue magazines. 
Vanderbilt Gate entrance to the Gardens

   p.s. I also went to Sprinkles (my favorite cupcake chain) and tried their ice cream creations.  I then stared as people used the Cupcake ATM outside the shop.  Pure awesomeness. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

A West Side Saturday

     At 9:30am Natasha and I met at the park to walk over to Lincoln Center.  Students can get discounted tickets to the ballet and so we purchased two for the show Jewels.  After that time, we decided to just stay on the West Side and explore. Luckily the weather held out until around 3 and so we walked to the park and enjoyed some serious people watching near the boathouse.

     On the way to the park we stopped by a little farmers market and purchased half a dozen  apple cider cinnamon sugar doughnuts. We sat down and quickly devoured them all without blinking an eye. Natasha and I seriously bad for each other's health when we eat together… 

     Once at the park, most entertaining was the sighting of what I will call a "selfie extension arm" which was a long metal pole that at the far end one attaches the camera/phone, and can thus take superb "selflies." (Also its awkward that Blogger keeps trying to autocorrect "selfie" to "selfless"). I had only heard of this mechanism online but seeing it in person was a whole new experience. 

    After people watching and attempting to pet every pet that walked by we grabbed a quick lunch, making sure to eat something light as I had plans for use to visit a famous bakery nearby. We then proceeded to what I had researched as a very highly acclaimed cookie shop called Levain. I always love a good cookie and I am also the kind of person who likes to break off some cookie dough and pop it in the microwave for a few seconds to get that ooey gooey half baked situation. Well, these cookies are pure heaven for anyone who agrees with my last statement. I got the chocolate peanut butter and now I want to go back and try them all. Just a fair warning, do not go on a full stomach; these cookies are large and filling enough to constitute a meal (or at least an in-between meals snack).

    After we enjoyed the pure ecstasy of those cookies, we decided to walk it off a bit by shopping. Some successful purchases were made at both Century 21 and DWS and then the downpour began.  We then made our way back to Lincoln Center and recharged over coffee and tea.

    The ballet was absolutely beautiful. I really enjoyed the gracefulness and athleticism of the ballerinas and especially enjoyed their costumes. There were three segments: emerald, ruby, and diamond. My person favorite was the ruby one because it had more of a modern vibe. After the show we were utterly exhausted; it was 10:30, we had shopped, eaten, and walked all over the west side, and so we just grabbed a cab home and I passed out at 11. 
Close up of the deliciousness 

Friday, May 23, 2014

It's Friday

     Its Friday, and while usually I would be going out and trying to be social, it is raining. And nothing goes worse with me getting dressed up and doing my hair than rain. So obviously I am staying in and avoiding that whole mess.

I have a soft spot for bubble men
    Work was let off at 2 for the holiday weekend which was wonderful and a pleasant surprise. I almost didn't know what to do with myself. But the weather was nice when I got off so I went for a walk around the reservoir and enjoyed some fresh air.
     Later, I went to The Whitney with Natasha because on Friday it is "pay what you like" so being the poor law student that I am, I offered a dollar (one day I promise to donate more!). The most exciting part of the museum, which is having their Biennial btw, was getting to see the works I centered my thesis on. The Seasons by Jasper Johns was a set of four paintings that I laugh, smiled, cried, and nervously bit many a nail over while writing my 30 page paper. But they are amazing and so fun to stare at.  The second floor boasted some very captivating pieces, most interesting was a wall-long contemporary work, Gretchen Bender's People In PainI fell in love with it and wish I had both the money and a wall to buy and hang it on for myself.
People In Pain

The Seasons
    I just finished a fresh manicure and have a big day of adventure ahead of me tomorrow (that I will obviously blog about in hopes of someone finding it interesting). For now, I am going to binge watch a few more episodes of of Breaking Bad and then catch some ZZZZZs.

THE COOLEST salt n' peppa shaker ever. Jeff Koons rocks.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


     Wednesday turned into Wednesdate night for me last night.  And my hot date was none other than one of my dearest friends, Natasha. We went to W&L together and now we are reunited in NYC for the summer.
      As per usual, I was craving an obscene amount of chocolate and sugar, and Natasha so helpfully suggested a crepe restaurant, Yorkville Creperie. It was delicious and very moderately priced as well. We shared a chicken crepe with mozzarella and pesto and then each had our own separate dessert crepe. The dessert stole the scene: Oreo cookies, dark and white chocolate, whipped cream, and a scoop of ice cream. It is defiantly worth a visit if you are on the Upper East Side.
      On another note, today at work I got to serve as a witness to a couple signing their last will and testament which was very exciting! I'm a nerd, I know.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pork Buns

Pork bun heaven
     Sunday night my friend who I have been crashing with took me on a stroll through Soho and then out to a delicious dim sum restaurant. Nom Wah Tea Parlor (13 Doyers Street) is the name and I suggest you all visit it. Our dinner cost a grand total of $14 and I was stuffed. Which is hard to do considering how large an appetite I have. (Side note, if you like oddities and skulls, go to the store Evolution--very cool place.)
Sticky rice--not a huge fan...
     On Monday I began my dual job experience. So far, so good (I am only 2 days in though so thats not really saying much…). At my more formal law firm job I am working on a project centered around a New York Non-Profit Revitalization Act that Governor Cuomo just passed (don't worry I won't bore you with the details of that). At the record label I have been thrust a handful of different tasks that have really had me in a frenzy. The thing about law internships is that you sometimes have no idea what your superior wants from you and you just have to do what you think they want to see and hope for the best. I have yet to be publicly scolded so I think I am on the right track.


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Greatest City in the World

     I flew into NYC on Wednesday and I have been enjoying every minute since then.  The weather was pretty awful on Thursday and Friday, but the sky finally cleared on Saturday and it has been 70 and sunny since then. Absolutely gorgeous. Its weekend like this where I walk around constantly saying, "I love this place."

    As for the work situation, I started working at a record label Thursday and Friday, and tomorrow I will start working half time with the record label and half time with a small law firm. They are two very different places but I am learning a lot already and loving the environments and co-workers. (Especially liking all the free swag I get at the record label).

View from my friend's apt
    A good friend of mine has graciously allowed me to crash with her on the Upper East Side and I just locked in an apartment for myself starting June 1! Its a studio in Murray Hill and I could not be more excited about it. I have never lived alone so it will be a new and unique situation for me. (Obviously, the somewhat germaphobe in me loves the fact that I will not have to deal with dirty roommates).

Morning run by the river
     One more random note, as anyone who knows me and my travels on the LIRR in the past when I lived on Long Island, I was always looking for a way to avoid having people sit next to me or talk to me. Not that I am anti social, I just like my space and alone time when commuting… Any New Yorker can understand me on this. Anyways, one of my co-interns at the record label told me the greatest idea---FACE MASKS. Like the surgical ones. Apparently when she was in Tokyo, people wore them for the horrible air quality, but also, the younger generation has begun wearing them as a way to avoid talking to people. Genius.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hello world!

A lot has passed since my last post. Some bad things, some good things, but mostly life. The biggest news to report is that I successfully completed my first year of law school! I can now rejoin society which is pretty exciting.

Other mentionable notes:

1. I am leaving for NYC on Wednesday to intern with a law firm and a record label!

2. Today was a beautiful mother's day, spent by the pool with the best family I could ever ask for.

3. I traveled to Jamaica for by far the best family vacation ever over winter break, and then went on a Human Rights Brigade to Panama for spring break.

4. My addiction for baking has grown enormously this year

5. I have done far less shopping this year as the law student budget does not allow it

6. Went up to Baltimore this weekend to pick up my sister and move her out of school! Can't believe she is done her sophomore year!

7. I just finished baking a carrot cake to celebrate the my sister's birthday (the 9th) and Mother's day!

Fresh Peonies! 
I'm sure there are many other things I have done this year (I hope!) and many more to come, but for now, that is all I can think of. I promise to be a more avid blogger this summer as I am sure I will have many stories from my jobs, commuting, and the beautiful thing that is New York City.

In the meantime, enjoy this wonderful craigslist ad that I happened upon the other day while trying to find a place to live this summer. The things people will do for housing in NYC are downright shocking sometimes but you gotta love it.