Friday, May 23, 2014

It's Friday

     Its Friday, and while usually I would be going out and trying to be social, it is raining. And nothing goes worse with me getting dressed up and doing my hair than rain. So obviously I am staying in and avoiding that whole mess.

I have a soft spot for bubble men
    Work was let off at 2 for the holiday weekend which was wonderful and a pleasant surprise. I almost didn't know what to do with myself. But the weather was nice when I got off so I went for a walk around the reservoir and enjoyed some fresh air.
     Later, I went to The Whitney with Natasha because on Friday it is "pay what you like" so being the poor law student that I am, I offered a dollar (one day I promise to donate more!). The most exciting part of the museum, which is having their Biennial btw, was getting to see the works I centered my thesis on. The Seasons by Jasper Johns was a set of four paintings that I laugh, smiled, cried, and nervously bit many a nail over while writing my 30 page paper. But they are amazing and so fun to stare at.  The second floor boasted some very captivating pieces, most interesting was a wall-long contemporary work, Gretchen Bender's People In PainI fell in love with it and wish I had both the money and a wall to buy and hang it on for myself.
People In Pain

The Seasons
    I just finished a fresh manicure and have a big day of adventure ahead of me tomorrow (that I will obviously blog about in hopes of someone finding it interesting). For now, I am going to binge watch a few more episodes of of Breaking Bad and then catch some ZZZZZs.

THE COOLEST salt n' peppa shaker ever. Jeff Koons rocks.

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