Sunday, June 30, 2013


    Although I don't have anything terribly interesting to report, I can give a quick synopsis of my last week.  Not much happened during the week per say but I did go out to eat at Acme in Carrboro. Although I am not a huge fan of Carrboro for various reasons, Acme was quite tasty (but very pricy). 
My Stella set-up 
    For Harris this week was was promoting Stella Artois, the world's best selling Belgian beer. It is quite tasty and actually my Mom's favorite as well. The deal we were running was that if you bought one of their 12-packs we gave you a signature chalice along with it. The cup was actually a really nice. And I don't mean to brag, but I sold a bunch of beer this week, not sure if it was me or the glasses, but I killed it. 
  I didn't go out at all and it was raining and storming all weekend so I just relaxed and came down with a cold which really sucks. I will spend tonight getting lots of sleep and trying to get healthy again.
   I look forward to going to my friends lake house on Thursday for the 4th! Should be fun!
Chapel Hill Sunset

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Beer Maid

    Yesterday I worked my first beer sampling for Harris Beverages LLC.  I posted up at two Harris Teeters in Durham for two hours each.  While it is a fun and very interesting experience, I need to start wearing some more comfortable shoes because standing on your feet for four hours seriously tires your back. During the break in my shifts yesterday I ran into Randy's Pizza (best pizza in Durham) to grab some dinner. My car officially smells like beer and pizza. I might as well be back at college.

    My favorite part of this job is hearing peoples response when I ask them if they want to sample the beer.  Here are some of my favorites from yesterday:
  • "Give me a sample of both. I don't even like beer but I need something to get me through grocery shopping with my family."
  • "No thanks I gave up alcohol for the week!"
  • "Nope, I quit alcohol in 1967!"
  • And then there was they guy who stood by my table for 15 minutes discussing the history of beer and so on... 
    I also noticed that people sample beer in different manners. There are those who take their tasting in three sips, those who do two sips, and then there are the tasters who just chug the whole thing. The one-sippers are usually the funniest to talk with, not surprisingly.

    Just as an FYI, I am sampling the Brooklyn Lager and Brooklyn Summer Ale this week, two very tasty beers. Today I will be at the Harris Teeter in Meadowmont (4-6) and then the HT at University Mall (6:30-8:30) if you want to stop by! 
My setup 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weekend Update

    I have started a new job for the summer, something totally different from the NYC law firm I have been at the past two years.  This summer I am working for a beer distributor, one of the largest in North Carolina, Harris Beverages LLC. They distribute Anheuser Busch products through most of the triangle. During my past week with them I have learned the basics of beer: from differentiating between lagers and ales to learning how to pour the perfect draught, I am becoming quite the aficionado. As my friend recently noted in an email, I should tell W&L that I am putting my four years of school/intense drinking to use... 

Beer tastings
    It is very refreshing working for Harris Beverages (and I'm not just talking about the drinks). The offices is much more laid back than I am used to but I like it. I get to sample numerous beers and will soon be going out to local stores to promote our products. Recently, craft beers have become all the rage and that is what I am focusing on. 

    Along with the fun atmosphere and interesting topic, not having to work 9-5 is a big relief. It gives me time to hang out at home, sit on the couch, and read. Things I will not be able to do much of once law school starts.
    But I don't want to talk about school... for now I am enjoying the summer! I have already booked a flight to Chicago to see one of my best friends. I have never been to Kanye's home town but I am very much looking forward to it. Aside from the fact that I love cities, there are some great art museums and galleries for me to check out! 
Brian, Me, John, and Kevin
    Part of my to-do list for the summer is visit as many friends as possible. Last weekend I went to Charlotte to watch my friend John play for the MLL team the Charlotte Hounds. He is an amazing lacrosse player and it was fun to watch him continue to play the sport he loves. I also got to hang out with a couple of other best friends from high school. Not sure how I feel about Charlotte (its no NYC...) but I will admit I had a good time while there. 

    The Sunday I got home my family went out to eat at a place in Durham called G2B. It was surprisingly delicious. Many typical pub type ingredients and foods but made in an upscale restaurant type style as far as combinations and serving. My sister and I decided to eat a 1 pound monster of a burger. 1 lb of home ground meet, fried bacon, foie gras, arugula, gruyere cheese, and onions. It was amazing.  
The Madness
  The only annoying part of this summer is the fact that our house just went on the market.  This means that the house has to be kept spotless 24-7 and whenever someone comes to look at the place, we have to get the dogs out for at least an hour. I really hope this house sells quickly... 

    I am happy to be getting back into the swing of blogging and I hope everyone else is too.