Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Just a few nice words to get the week going.  

You will do foolish things but do them with enthusiasm.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Lots of Food, Friends, and Fun

Art Exhibit on Governor's Island 
     Since my last post I have eaten A LOT of good food and spent a lot of time exploring with some great people.  Here are some of my food highlights for the past week:

  1. The Melt Shop--amazing grilled cheese sandwiches and sweet tea to boot!
  2. Two Little Red Hens--pretty good cupcakes on the UES. To be honest, not my favorite, but at the same time I licked the wrappers… And while everyone raves about the Brooklyn Blackout, I found the peanut butter to be my favorite.
  3. Di Fara Pizza--hands down the best pizza I have had while in in NYC.  It is quite a ride into Brooklyn but well worth it.
  4. Davey's Ice Cream--the double chocolate and the babka blew my mind.  It is actually quite devastating how few true ice cream shops exist in Manhattan but Davey's kind of makes up for it. 

Di Fara
     Aside from my food extravaganza, I also traveled to Governors Island and explored with my friend Kathryn.  The Island has so much to offer and was really a lot of fun to just walk around and get lost on.  The views of the Freedom Tower with the flowers in front was truly breathtaking.

     On Sunday I visited the Whitney with Alyssa and got to see the Koons exhibit.  While I think that they layout was a bit straightforward and not that creative, I still really appreciated his work and much of it is very aesthetically pleasing.

     His balloon forms really are quite captivating and I enjoyed learning about his life through a kind of time-line fashion.  It really is quite sad that the Whitney will be leaving this beautiful building for Brooklyn this year, but at the same time, I am excited to see what the new building has in store.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Catch Up Fast!

Verrazano Bridge and cannon
     Again, I have fallen a bit behind on my blogging!  But to defense, these past couple of weeks have been crazy full of friends, family, food, and exploration!

     Two weekends ago my cousin got married and so my Mom, Dad, and Sister came into town.  It was so great to see my whole family again and we had a blast at the wedding.  My cousin got married at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn, with the beautiful Verrazano Bridge in the background.

     My sister and I did many fun things in the City, but some of the highlights include paddle board yoga, Russ & Daughters Cafe, and cruising around the Hudson on the North River Lobster Company boat.
Halva Ice Cream from Russ & Daughters

     On Sunday night I took her and a few of her friends around Chelsea and then we ended the night at Salvation Taco.  While the roof deck is small up there, the view and atmosphere are pretty amazing.

NRLC Boat Top!
     I had a wonderful weekend with the best sister in the world and got to try out some new activities and restaurants along the way!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July Weekend

     So this weekend I finally made my first trip out to the Hamptons!  And it was perfect.  The weather (except for the 4th) was beautiful; sunny and breezy and cool at night.  We didn't even need the AC because it was so cool! My kind of weather for sure.

Fried seafood!
     I took the train out on Thursday and it was miserable.  It was so packed that there were people who had to stand the whole way--standing by the doors, in the isle, and on the stairs.  It was insane.  But definitly worth it to make it out of the City.

     While out there, we ate some delicious seafood, kayaked, tanned at the beach, drank sangria, and ate lots of s'mores.  Even though it rained all day on the 4th, we still made the most of it by driving into Southampton and walking around to the shops.  Despite the foul weather, there were still many people out and shopping the day away.  All in all, it was a great weekend with some awesome friends, that I will surely never forget.  I can't wait to make it out there again!

Tomorrow is Hump Day AND my sister is coming to visit! 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Froyo or Die

     I promise to blog about my weekend tomorrow, but I haven't had time to upload and edit all of my pics yet.  So until then, I will entertain you with my recent and first trip to 16 Handles.  For those who do not know, 16 Handles is a frozen yogurt shop in the City.  It is like most places but I was pleasantly surprised by the multiple versions of cookie dough and their delicious peanut butter flavor.

     I of course spent an exorbitant amount of money on it and when offered a membership card, I obviously said yes, because it is quite certain that I will spend over $50 on frozen yogurt before I leave in August… lets be real.

     I also realized while there that the stereotype of white girls going to get froyo after a workout could not be any more accurate.

Cheers, tomorrow is Tuesday!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Last Week First

     Before I tell you all about my amazing 4th of July weekend, I need to finish last week!  Last week was a short one but a great one.  I got off of work early on Wednesday to watch the heart wrenching USA game, and then while watching the game, I was offered a ticket to the Yankees game.  So of course, me having no plans, said yes!

    We had a bit of a challenge getting there, and by challenge, I mean that I told my friend that I knew how to get there and then took the local 1 instead of the local 6 up to the Bronx… luckily I caught my mistake before we ended up 242nd Street!  Anyways, once we got to the game the weather turned out to be perfect and the game was actually very good, even though they lost.  It was very relaxing to just kick back with some friends and enjoy America's favorite sport.

     All in all, last Hump Day was a great one. 

Post about my weekend soon to come--here is a quick photo that I snapped while leaving work on Thursday before vacation!