Sunday, July 6, 2014

Last Week First

     Before I tell you all about my amazing 4th of July weekend, I need to finish last week!  Last week was a short one but a great one.  I got off of work early on Wednesday to watch the heart wrenching USA game, and then while watching the game, I was offered a ticket to the Yankees game.  So of course, me having no plans, said yes!

    We had a bit of a challenge getting there, and by challenge, I mean that I told my friend that I knew how to get there and then took the local 1 instead of the local 6 up to the Bronx… luckily I caught my mistake before we ended up 242nd Street!  Anyways, once we got to the game the weather turned out to be perfect and the game was actually very good, even though they lost.  It was very relaxing to just kick back with some friends and enjoy America's favorite sport.

     All in all, last Hump Day was a great one. 

Post about my weekend soon to come--here is a quick photo that I snapped while leaving work on Thursday before vacation!

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