Sunday, June 29, 2014

Back to Brooklyn

Hard to see, but the ESB lit up for Pride!
     On Saturday I joined a gym in the AM and then made my way back over to Brooklyn.  Ashley and I wandered around DUMBO for a couple of hours and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  I initially wanted to go to DUMBO to see the Tom Fruin Water Tower, but I couldn't get a good view of it so we just explored the area.  Some of the apartments over there are truly beautiful and I can easily see why one would move there--great views and it is much quitter than the City.  But still not enough for me! (as if I could even afford it)

     We walked around the park area, took some pictures by the water, and then watched the children on the carousel.  One of my most vivid and fond memories growing up was when my parents would take my sister and I to the mall to ride the carousel.  Seeing all the children giggling and smiling really made me take a moment and appreciate all the small things in life.  Unfortunately I was all out of cash and so I couldn't ride it myself… next time!

My tacos!
     When we were walking back to the train we became distracted by a fun looking Mexican restaurant named Pedro's Bar and Restaurant.  The reviews online do not make it out to be a great place, but I beg to differ.  The food was very reasonably priced and delicious.  It was much more authentic Mexican than the regular "Americanized" mexican I am used to.

     After Mexican, we made our way back into the City and got off in West Village.  We were happily surprised to walk into a street fair that entertained us for a while.  After wandering, I took us to a gelato place I have been wanting to visit for 3 years!  And it was just as good as I hoped.  At Popbar you can get gelato or sorbet on a stick, choose from three different types of chocolates to be dipped in, and then pick any topping for it to be dipped in again.  I choose vanilla, dipped in dark chocolate, and then rolled in sprinkles and waffle cone crumbles.  It hit the spot.

     Saturday night I had friends over to my place, we enjoyed the view from my roof, and then went out for a night of partying.  

    Oh, almost forgot!  On Friday night I went out to dinner with a bunch of friends to celebrate my good friend Kathryn's birthday.  We went to Lil' Frankies and enjoyed a huge Italian meal.  I highly recommend their pizza! 
Fresh Mozzarella was amazing

I hope everyone is excited for the short week ahead!

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