Monday, June 23, 2014

Art and Food

Sunset view from East Village
Signing a disclaimer...
     I hate lines.  Lines are the worst.  And in NYC you often have to wait in line for just about anything.  I have decided though that I will only wait in line for art and food.  Two of my most favorite things. 

Sugar baby
     Saturday I went to Williamsburg and met my friend Rodney at the Domino Sugar Factory to see the exhibit they have up.  It is only viewable on the weekends and only lasts until July 6 so go see it!  There was a very very long line, but it moves extremely fast so don't be deterred.  The project is by artist Kara Walker and is titled "A Subtlety." I highly recommend it!  The factory smells very interesting--a kind of burn sugar smell.  (Side note, we had to sign disclaimers to enter, mainly telling us that if we touch anything and get sick/die, they are not responsible…) 
     After viewing the sculptures, Rodney took me to an amazing fried chicken restaurant named Pies 'n' Thighs.  I had the chicken and waffles with blueberry compote and it hit the spot.  If you go see the exhibit, you must go here for lunch/dinner/snack/whatever. 
     Saturday night I took a much needed resting night for myself and sat in bed and watched Pulp Fiction.  I had never seen the flick so I was really looking forward to it, and I was not disappointed.  Quentin Tarintino and his point of view is so interesting to me.

     Sunday I met a friend from high school for brunch in Union Square.  We went to the Coffee Shop and it was pretty great food.  A bit pricy, but I recommend it nonetheless. We had some delicious mango mojitos which rocked.  
Mini Kobe beef sliders
     Later that day I met up with a few sorority sisters at Tavern 29 to watch the game.  GO USA!  While I will admit that I am not the biggest fan of soccer, this game was amazing so I quickly found myself engulfed in the atmosphere of wanting America to win.  We drank a lot of beer and had some delicious burgers.  I am such a fan of burgers.  No way I could ever be a vegetarian…  Anyways, after the frustrating end to the game, we went downtown to Houston Hall for a friend of a friend's birthday.  After that we went to the friend's apartment and he had a sick view of the city from his balcony.  All in all, another great weekend with friends food. 

Happy Monday! 

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