Thursday, August 15, 2013


    I apologize to my few followers for such a long lapse in time since my last post. Since I got back from Chicago I have been so busy with work, getting ready for school, and traveling on the weekends.

WWII Memorial with Krista
    As a quick re-cap, I have started moving into my new apartment, got a bus pass, have worked many hours hostessing and promoting beer, traveled to DC for the weekend, and am starting to freak out about the fact that I will be starting law school very soon.

    DC with Krista was crazy. I love cities, and for me, DC is a small, cleaner, and cheaper version of NYC. I love that almost all of the museums are free and that its close to home. We went out, met up with W&L friends, and had an overall blast. We also went to the Newseum which I hadn't seen before and was very impressed! We spent over 4 hours inside! I also was reminded that I am no longer a fresh spring chicken/freshmen in college anymore, and cannot drink in that manner any more either. The 5 hour drive home on Sunday was painful to say the least.

    After DC Wayde and I received the keys to our first apartment the following weekend! I must say it is very convenient living so close to my parent's house because I can slowly bring all of my stuff over. I will post pics of the apartment once I am totally moved in. For now, I am focusing on brining my large wardrobe over... and tackling my roach problem. I have found 3 so far! I understand that living in an apartment means dealing with bugs, but I hate bugs, and I especially hate cockroaches. If I see another I might have a breakdown.

    Aside from all that, I am getting excited for orientation. Its not a whole week like I was given every year at W&L, but I guess I have to sacrifice some things now that I'm slowing growing up. The next thing on my list is
to buy a back to school outfit!