Monday, October 6, 2014


     One of the biggest ongoing jokes in my family is my ever growing lust for "culture."  Mom and Dad like to poke fun at the weird art exhibits I like to visit but in the end, I can usually convince one of them to go with me.  Last week I was particularly excited about a performance at Memorial Theater.  While North Carolina generally puts on view large art exhibits or big name artists at its performance centers and arenas, many smaller or more nice artists don't make the cut.  Anyways, last week in one of my most boring classes (sorry professor), Business Associations, the professor recommended going to see Taylor Mac preform.  The professor, who is from New York, said he had seen him before and found him highly entertaining and a great "cultural experience."  As soon as "culture" came out of his mouth, I was in.

     I am pretty lucky as a UNC student to be able to attend any performance at Memorial Hall for just $10 so I bought two tickets and then let my parents argue over who didn't have to go.  I swear, it was just like the episode of Modern Family where Gloria and Jay are trying to subtly come up with reasons why they couldn't go to the live reading of Moby Dick with Manny... Anyways, after bickering between each other, my mom decided to suck it up and come with me.

     Well... in as few words as possible, the performance was unlike anything I have ever seen before and thoroughly entertaining.  Taylor Mac is a flamboyant, outlandish, honest, and refreshing drag queen who rocked my world that night.  The performance was titled "1910s -- A 24 Decade History of Popular Music."  So, the performance that I watched was about two hours long and he sang songs from the 1910s while also giving a historical synopsis of the era.  I learned many facts about WWI that I did not before, while also laughing, cringing, and awkwardly doing what he instructed the audience to do.  It really is very hard to describe without actually viewing it. But, in 2016 he will perform for 24 hours straight, a recap of popular music from the beginning of the United States until that year.  This performance will take place in NYC and I can only hope that I might get to view it.

     One of my favorite quotes of his from that night: "perfection is for assholes."  For some reason I had a very easy time identifying with that statement.  As a struggling law student it feels like everyone around you is striving for perfection; as  a woman, I feel that everyone strives for perfection as they stare at the photoshopped images of others; and as a human in general, aren't we always tying to be the most perfect version of ourselves?

     Maybe we shouldn't focus so much on perfect, but if so, what should we set our sights on?  Just being better?  Reaching our goals? After all, isn't perfection impossible anyways?

     As one side note, this performance is not for anyone who dislikes being uncomfortable, pushed, or who is not open-minded.  He does make crude jokes and ones that can easily clash with those who are more conservative.

Happy Monday y'all! 

Monday, September 15, 2014


     Even though today is Monday, not Sunday, I thought this would be a good way to start my week.  With a nice pair of shoes and sunglasses.  I have been lusting after these Ray Bans for months now because I love aviators and I love color.  So these cool reflectors are really a 10 in my book.  You can buy the "Flash Lenses" here!  I am torn between the red/orange and the green/blue ones.


     The sneakers I came across in a friend's apartment actually, and have been going back and fourth about actually buying.  I do not own any shoes by Ted Baker but if I start it will definitly be with these.  I have now found them online for $93, but the voice of reason in the back of my head keeps telling me that floral printed high-tops are not exactly work attire.  Snatch them up at this great price here!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Paint me Purple

     I am normally not a huge fan of the color, but when I saw one of my friends wearing it on her nails, I fell in love.  I also usually get pretty annoyed at how expensive Essie is, but this my friends, is well worth it.  The name is "Sittin' Pretty."

     The color comes off in almost a ultraviolet/neon glow.  It look 5x better on than in the bottle and 10x better in real life than in my pictures.  Also note the top coat I use--its is THE BEST.  I painted my nails 20 minutes before I went to sleep woke up with none of those awkward sheet marks or smudges.  So for any of you ladies who also happen to paint your nails at the most inconvenient of times, you could buy it.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


     I am going to start a new post theme titled "S&S."  What do the "Ss" stand for you ask?  Why, two of my favorite things: sunglasses and shoes.  Or sunnies and shoes... I haven't quite decided which has a better ring to it.

     Either way, I love them, yet as a law student I do not quite have the income (or really any income) to support my love.  So instead I will post pictures and links of them.  Today my two pics are Nera shades by Raen and Jack Purcell Cross Stitch Leather sneakers from Converse.  This summer I purchased a pair of Raen shades from a friend and I am obsessed.  Great fit and nice lenses.  As for the sneakers, I wear my white converse with everything and this black pair could serve as the perfect sidekicks (haha).  You really can't go wrong with a pair of Converse and these fancy leather ones add a nice little something extra.  The detail of the leather laces make this pair stand out to me even more.

Hope you enjoy!
Oh! I just realized that I am publishing this on Sunday so I guess I should title these posts
"Sundayss"... or something like that. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Best of Summer 2014

     As my stay in NYC officially came to an end two weeks ago, I have compiled my "best of" list for all the things/places/foods I ate.  I hope you enjoy!

Coffee Shop: Perk Kafe
      To be honest, I didn't visit many coffee shops this summer, but Perk was close to me and and off 3rd Avenue so it was never overly crowded.  And the coffee was delicious as well.  I was a big fan of their iced expresso.

View: Williamsburg--Preferably a rooftop, a la Northern Territory
     The drinks are pretty awesome and the view is hard to beat.  I also just opened their website and their food looks pretty bangin' as well.  I guess another trip will be in order!

Quick Bite: Little Collins
     I LOVE LITTLE COLLINS.  I cannot say enough about this cute little Australian coffee shop.  The food, the decor, the coffee, the accents... what more could you want! Not to mention it was dangerously close to my office. 

Favorite Meal: tie between Sweet Chick and North River Lobster Company
     Sweet Chick had me because their chicken and waffles combo is pretty awesome.  The waffle is light and fluffy and the chicken is perfectly fried and salty.  My only qualm is that there was no kind of topping like fruit or butter (but I guess I have a high standard from Dames).  North River Lobster is amazing fresh seafood and the restaurant is a boat! 

Favorite Workout: Aqua Studio
     Just as expensive as Soul Cycle but way more fun.  Although I wouldn't make a habit out of this place, I would definitly go again.  I love any excuse to get in a pool! 

Best Pizza: Di Fara Pizza
     Welllllll worth the long trip into Brooklyn.  And the long wait.  Just bring a bottle of wine and a great friend. 

Ice Cream: Davey's. Hands down. No competition.
     Just like Little Collins, this place has no competition.  Their Chocolate Chocolate is one of the most deep and satisfying flavors I have ever tried.  Be sure to also try and catch their special chocolate babka at some point. 

Best Place to Run: The Reservoir at Central Park
     Although I could only run for a month until my knee gave out, I love every day of it.  In the early morning there were few runners and it was unusually peaceful. 

Shopping: Artists and Fleas at Chelsea Market 
      I have visited the Williamsburg one as well, but for some reason I really like the Chelsea one better.  There were too many things to buy and I didn't have enough money!   

Drinks: the mojitos at Rare View
     Maybe I'm allowing the great view to cloud over their $15 price tag, but the mojitos are always on point. 

NYC Landmark: Grand Central
     I think that sometimes New Yorkers can take for granted just how beautiful the city is when they are constantly hustling and bustling their way through.  There are so many historic and beautifully crafted buildings in this city and this summer Grand Central Terminal stole my heart.  I walked through it almost every single morning on my way to work and noticed something beautiful and new about it every time.

Weekend/Day Getaway: Governor's Island
     Governor's Island has the old town feeling of Charleston but without the 90% humidity.  Walking around and exploring the whole place was a relaxing and fun way to spend the day.  I need to try to make it to Gov Ball one day... 

     The vibe is super relaxed and its a casual and cosy environment.  Aside from the amazing list of craft beers that they serve, they also have some delicious sandwiches and chips.  Great spot for you and a couple of friends to drink brews and veg out.  It is also very uniquely designed in that there are two entrances and is in a "U" shape.   Must go back sometime soon! 

And finally, best dessert: again a tie, between Levain Cookies and Chocolate Babka French Toast from Russ & Daughters Cafe
     This place is heavenly.  If the smell seeping out the door isn't enough to entice you, the taste of their dense half-baked cookies should do it.  I would consider living on the UWS just for this place.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Feasting and Goodbyes

Pic from my last morning commute
     As last week was my last week of working in NYC, I have been very busy and did not get a chance to blog.  The week involved lots of eating, drinking, saying goodbye, and a few tears.  I think it was so hard saying bye to everyone this year because more than ever before, I made real friendships with my co-workers.  

     I had a few really great meals during that week.  First up was lunch at Patsy's Italian Restaurant, right next to the Cash Money office.  WOW.  Growing up with Italian relatives I have had some truly delicious meals, but this is probably the best Italian meal I have had at a restaurant in a longggg time.  I ordered the shrimp marinara and was so full afterwards that I needed a nap.  

     With Ehrenkranz we went to Ammos, a Mediterranean place near Grand Central.  Italian and Mediterranean are my two favorite types of food so you could say I was pretty spoiled this week.  At Ammos I had their king prawns, which were more like baby lobsters.  They came with the head still on and I had to fight every last temptation to pick them up and play with them in Katherine's face.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that as a future lawyer, that kind of behavior is not totally acceptable. 

Me and Katherine
     Another night I went to dinner with one of my oldest and best friends from swimming, Hillary.  We went to Westville, a place I had never tried until that night.  I ordered the grilled salmon with a side of asparagus and was 100% pleased.  I look forward to going back and trying their brunch one day soon. 

     A few co-workers of mine from Ehrenkranz went out for drinks after work one night and had a ball of a time.  We started pretty early, around 5:30, and definitely felt it the next day.  We started our evening at Draught 55 (their long bench tables were great of our large group) and then eventually made our way to a midtown rooftop bar.  I seriously should just make a to-do list of only rooftop bars because I love them so so much.  

Pesto angle hair with shrimp from Grifone
     My last delicious meal of the week was another great Italian place.  A small hidden gem in midtown named Grifone.  More on the pricey side, but well worth it.  It's one of the few restaurants that I have been to in the City that is actually quite and small enough to hear the person across from you without having to yell or lean across the table!  A very small and intimate place that I would visit again if I needed a quite space with tasty food. 

     I will give more updates soon about some of my other activities in the city that I completed before leaving, but I had to get in the last week because I wanted to remember every detail!  Tomorrow is FRIDAY! 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Brooklyn Adventures

     I have been to Brooklyn quite a few times this summer and I don't hate it.  In fact, I greatly enjoy it.  I recently ventured into Williamsburg/Greenpoint for a friend of a friend's birthday party.  The party was at a bar named Northern Territory and aside from the amazing view, the vibe was quite chill and beachy and the drinks were on par.  See above for an unedited picture of the sun setting.
Make out bug

     After hanging out there for a while, we decided to move to another rooftop bar (quite prevalent in the area).  Along the way, Ashley and I stumbled upon one of the coolest things ever--essentially a bar, street vendors for food and jewelry, mini golf, ping pong, and live music, all at night in a huge warehouse.  Plus a photo booth and neon lights.  To say we had a blast would be an understatement.  There was also an old VW Beetle that you could sit in and watch a screen that flipped through car make out scenes from old movies.  This amazing place is named the Brooklyn Night Bazaar.  MAKE A TRIP.

     Once we finally arrived at the bar we planned to visit, we were exhausted and craving some fried food.  So we quickly opted for the fancy french fries that appeared on the menu.  Upon arrival, Ashley took a moment to admire the fries in all of their glory.

     Two other highlights to mention here: I have become quite skilled in cooking mexican food and so I ventured into the shrimp realm and made some garlic lime shrimp and guacamole.  I knocked it out of the park, just saying'.  Not that many things can top my cooking skills, but, the image of Matt Bomer in the flesh did just that.  They were filming White Collar outside of my office at 8AM and so I got to see him in all of his glory.  Not many better ways to start your morning.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Goodbyes and Hellos

Me, Adrian, and a friend

     Sadly, I recently had to say goodbye to my friend Alyssa.  She just had to return to Canada for this little wedding where she will marry the love of her life… so saying au revoir to her was a very sad day.  In order to console my pain, I went to a album release party for the artist Adrian Marcel.  If you haven't listened to his music, go check him out ASAP.

     While I did have to say goodbye to Alyssa, I said hello to some very good foods.  Top among them was my trip to J.G. Mellon on the Upper East Side.  They are famous for their burgers, and they definitly deserve that reputation.  I went all out with the bacon cheeseburger and was not disappointed.  I complemented that burger with a side of fries which were pleasantly crispy and delicious as well. (Side note when you visit, they are cash only).

   Since we were on the UES, we decided to visit the Met and check out the Charles James exhibit.  I love how the Met is showing so many fashion exhibits now and this one was just another addition to those before it.  And any trip to the Met is not complete without going to the roof and enjoying the view.

     After the Met I decided to complete my tour of the UES with a visit to an ice cream place that looked quite tasty to me from the images I spotted on Instagram.  Emack and Bolio's, while the cones are very unique and delicious (I got one covered with fruit loops!), has just average ice cream.  If you are on the UES I would recommend a visit, but do not feel the need to go all the way up there just for that.  Plenty of other great ice cream options down town that are much more satisfying.

     During the week I also discovered the amazingness of Little Collins.  Located right near my morning office, this place is dangerously delicious and too cute for words.  Must go back again before I leave!
The Big Dill and an iced latte at Little Collins

Thursday, August 7, 2014


      This past weekend my best friend from high school, Kira, came to visit me.  And it was a great visit.  We went all over the city and tried LOTS of delicious foods of course.

     We started off Friday by meeting with a couple of my work friends for drinks at South Street Seaport.  The weather could not have been any more beautiful and we drank refreshing beverages while watching the boats rock back and forth.

     We then left South Street, grabbed some pizza from a great joint by me called Garlic Pizza and fueled up for the night.  Once 11:30 rolled around, we met up with Alyssa and went to Le Poussin Rouge for 90s night.  It was wayyy more fun than I ever imagined.  I guess I forgot how awesome 90s music is.

Le Poussin Rouge
     Some more highlights from the weekend: I had an exception appetizer at a Spanish restaurant by me; squid in its own ink.  I have had squid ink linguine many times, but never squid served like this.  Delicious.  Saturday we went to Tompkins Square Bagels and I got the MOST AMAZING bagels ever.  First up was a sesame bagel with roasted red pepper cream cheese, seasoned lox, capers, tomatoes, and toasted to perfection.  Dessert (yes I do believe in breakfast dessert, obviously) was a plain bagel with birthday cake cream cheese.  New York really does know bagels.

     As a side note, I recently started watching Orange Is The New Black and I am obsessed.  Cannot stop watching.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Company Fun

     Last week, one of the companies that I am working with this summer hosted their summer cocktail party at the Gramercy Park Hotel.  The rooftop was beautifully decorated, and even though it was humid and rainy, they were able to close all of the windows and turn on the air conditioning, allowing us to enjoy the view but not sweat all over the place.

     The best part of the night was that we got to play trivia.  We were divided into teams and then played two rounds of questions.  After the first two rounds, the top teams faced off--one of which was mine.  Unfortunately we lost, and while the first place winners were awarded $50 gift cards, we got chap stick...

     Aside from our disappointing finish, I had a wonderful time with friends and co-workers.  It was great to see everyone in a different and much more festive setting.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Water and Indian

Me on my bike!
     I have officially done one of the coolest workouts ever: aqua cycling.  Developed in Europe, and now available in NYC, you can do a spin class in a pool.  As a swimmer, I obviously loved it, but aside from that, the class was an amazing workout as well.  The water really forced you to concentrate on your core and using your legs. I went with Alyssa and we had a blast.

     The class is available at Aqua Studio in Tribeca.  While it is a bit expensive ($35 per class), that is not unusual for NYC and the instructor was perfect.  They provide you with towels, a locker, and aqua shoes ($2 rental).  I highly recommend everyone to try it at least once!

     After our intense workout, we went to grab some Indian food.  A friend suggested I try a place named Panna II.  Huddled next two three other Indian restaurants with the same decor, Panna II is by far the best so do not be tricked--you must go upstairs and to the right!  I do not remember exactly what I got, but it was phenomenal.  Panna II is also BYOB if you are interested in combining a bottle of whatever with your meal.

Happy Sunday! 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Just a few nice words to get the week going.  

You will do foolish things but do them with enthusiasm.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Lots of Food, Friends, and Fun

Art Exhibit on Governor's Island 
     Since my last post I have eaten A LOT of good food and spent a lot of time exploring with some great people.  Here are some of my food highlights for the past week:

  1. The Melt Shop--amazing grilled cheese sandwiches and sweet tea to boot!
  2. Two Little Red Hens--pretty good cupcakes on the UES. To be honest, not my favorite, but at the same time I licked the wrappers… And while everyone raves about the Brooklyn Blackout, I found the peanut butter to be my favorite.
  3. Di Fara Pizza--hands down the best pizza I have had while in in NYC.  It is quite a ride into Brooklyn but well worth it.
  4. Davey's Ice Cream--the double chocolate and the babka blew my mind.  It is actually quite devastating how few true ice cream shops exist in Manhattan but Davey's kind of makes up for it. 

Di Fara
     Aside from my food extravaganza, I also traveled to Governors Island and explored with my friend Kathryn.  The Island has so much to offer and was really a lot of fun to just walk around and get lost on.  The views of the Freedom Tower with the flowers in front was truly breathtaking.

     On Sunday I visited the Whitney with Alyssa and got to see the Koons exhibit.  While I think that they layout was a bit straightforward and not that creative, I still really appreciated his work and much of it is very aesthetically pleasing.

     His balloon forms really are quite captivating and I enjoyed learning about his life through a kind of time-line fashion.  It really is quite sad that the Whitney will be leaving this beautiful building for Brooklyn this year, but at the same time, I am excited to see what the new building has in store.