Sunday, August 10, 2014

Goodbyes and Hellos

Me, Adrian, and a friend

     Sadly, I recently had to say goodbye to my friend Alyssa.  She just had to return to Canada for this little wedding where she will marry the love of her life… so saying au revoir to her was a very sad day.  In order to console my pain, I went to a album release party for the artist Adrian Marcel.  If you haven't listened to his music, go check him out ASAP.

     While I did have to say goodbye to Alyssa, I said hello to some very good foods.  Top among them was my trip to J.G. Mellon on the Upper East Side.  They are famous for their burgers, and they definitly deserve that reputation.  I went all out with the bacon cheeseburger and was not disappointed.  I complemented that burger with a side of fries which were pleasantly crispy and delicious as well. (Side note when you visit, they are cash only).

   Since we were on the UES, we decided to visit the Met and check out the Charles James exhibit.  I love how the Met is showing so many fashion exhibits now and this one was just another addition to those before it.  And any trip to the Met is not complete without going to the roof and enjoying the view.

     After the Met I decided to complete my tour of the UES with a visit to an ice cream place that looked quite tasty to me from the images I spotted on Instagram.  Emack and Bolio's, while the cones are very unique and delicious (I got one covered with fruit loops!), has just average ice cream.  If you are on the UES I would recommend a visit, but do not feel the need to go all the way up there just for that.  Plenty of other great ice cream options down town that are much more satisfying.

     During the week I also discovered the amazingness of Little Collins.  Located right near my morning office, this place is dangerously delicious and too cute for words.  Must go back again before I leave!
The Big Dill and an iced latte at Little Collins

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