Sunday, August 3, 2014

Water and Indian

Me on my bike!
     I have officially done one of the coolest workouts ever: aqua cycling.  Developed in Europe, and now available in NYC, you can do a spin class in a pool.  As a swimmer, I obviously loved it, but aside from that, the class was an amazing workout as well.  The water really forced you to concentrate on your core and using your legs. I went with Alyssa and we had a blast.

     The class is available at Aqua Studio in Tribeca.  While it is a bit expensive ($35 per class), that is not unusual for NYC and the instructor was perfect.  They provide you with towels, a locker, and aqua shoes ($2 rental).  I highly recommend everyone to try it at least once!

     After our intense workout, we went to grab some Indian food.  A friend suggested I try a place named Panna II.  Huddled next two three other Indian restaurants with the same decor, Panna II is by far the best so do not be tricked--you must go upstairs and to the right!  I do not remember exactly what I got, but it was phenomenal.  Panna II is also BYOB if you are interested in combining a bottle of whatever with your meal.

Happy Sunday! 

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