Friday, September 5, 2014

The Best of Summer 2014

     As my stay in NYC officially came to an end two weeks ago, I have compiled my "best of" list for all the things/places/foods I ate.  I hope you enjoy!

Coffee Shop: Perk Kafe
      To be honest, I didn't visit many coffee shops this summer, but Perk was close to me and and off 3rd Avenue so it was never overly crowded.  And the coffee was delicious as well.  I was a big fan of their iced expresso.

View: Williamsburg--Preferably a rooftop, a la Northern Territory
     The drinks are pretty awesome and the view is hard to beat.  I also just opened their website and their food looks pretty bangin' as well.  I guess another trip will be in order!

Quick Bite: Little Collins
     I LOVE LITTLE COLLINS.  I cannot say enough about this cute little Australian coffee shop.  The food, the decor, the coffee, the accents... what more could you want! Not to mention it was dangerously close to my office. 

Favorite Meal: tie between Sweet Chick and North River Lobster Company
     Sweet Chick had me because their chicken and waffles combo is pretty awesome.  The waffle is light and fluffy and the chicken is perfectly fried and salty.  My only qualm is that there was no kind of topping like fruit or butter (but I guess I have a high standard from Dames).  North River Lobster is amazing fresh seafood and the restaurant is a boat! 

Favorite Workout: Aqua Studio
     Just as expensive as Soul Cycle but way more fun.  Although I wouldn't make a habit out of this place, I would definitly go again.  I love any excuse to get in a pool! 

Best Pizza: Di Fara Pizza
     Welllllll worth the long trip into Brooklyn.  And the long wait.  Just bring a bottle of wine and a great friend. 

Ice Cream: Davey's. Hands down. No competition.
     Just like Little Collins, this place has no competition.  Their Chocolate Chocolate is one of the most deep and satisfying flavors I have ever tried.  Be sure to also try and catch their special chocolate babka at some point. 

Best Place to Run: The Reservoir at Central Park
     Although I could only run for a month until my knee gave out, I love every day of it.  In the early morning there were few runners and it was unusually peaceful. 

Shopping: Artists and Fleas at Chelsea Market 
      I have visited the Williamsburg one as well, but for some reason I really like the Chelsea one better.  There were too many things to buy and I didn't have enough money!   

Drinks: the mojitos at Rare View
     Maybe I'm allowing the great view to cloud over their $15 price tag, but the mojitos are always on point. 

NYC Landmark: Grand Central
     I think that sometimes New Yorkers can take for granted just how beautiful the city is when they are constantly hustling and bustling their way through.  There are so many historic and beautifully crafted buildings in this city and this summer Grand Central Terminal stole my heart.  I walked through it almost every single morning on my way to work and noticed something beautiful and new about it every time.

Weekend/Day Getaway: Governor's Island
     Governor's Island has the old town feeling of Charleston but without the 90% humidity.  Walking around and exploring the whole place was a relaxing and fun way to spend the day.  I need to try to make it to Gov Ball one day... 

     The vibe is super relaxed and its a casual and cosy environment.  Aside from the amazing list of craft beers that they serve, they also have some delicious sandwiches and chips.  Great spot for you and a couple of friends to drink brews and veg out.  It is also very uniquely designed in that there are two entrances and is in a "U" shape.   Must go back sometime soon! 

And finally, best dessert: again a tie, between Levain Cookies and Chocolate Babka French Toast from Russ & Daughters Cafe
     This place is heavenly.  If the smell seeping out the door isn't enough to entice you, the taste of their dense half-baked cookies should do it.  I would consider living on the UWS just for this place.

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