Monday, July 28, 2014

Lots of Food, Friends, and Fun

Art Exhibit on Governor's Island 
     Since my last post I have eaten A LOT of good food and spent a lot of time exploring with some great people.  Here are some of my food highlights for the past week:

  1. The Melt Shop--amazing grilled cheese sandwiches and sweet tea to boot!
  2. Two Little Red Hens--pretty good cupcakes on the UES. To be honest, not my favorite, but at the same time I licked the wrappers… And while everyone raves about the Brooklyn Blackout, I found the peanut butter to be my favorite.
  3. Di Fara Pizza--hands down the best pizza I have had while in in NYC.  It is quite a ride into Brooklyn but well worth it.
  4. Davey's Ice Cream--the double chocolate and the babka blew my mind.  It is actually quite devastating how few true ice cream shops exist in Manhattan but Davey's kind of makes up for it. 

Di Fara
     Aside from my food extravaganza, I also traveled to Governors Island and explored with my friend Kathryn.  The Island has so much to offer and was really a lot of fun to just walk around and get lost on.  The views of the Freedom Tower with the flowers in front was truly breathtaking.

     On Sunday I visited the Whitney with Alyssa and got to see the Koons exhibit.  While I think that they layout was a bit straightforward and not that creative, I still really appreciated his work and much of it is very aesthetically pleasing.

     His balloon forms really are quite captivating and I enjoyed learning about his life through a kind of time-line fashion.  It really is quite sad that the Whitney will be leaving this beautiful building for Brooklyn this year, but at the same time, I am excited to see what the new building has in store.

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