Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Photo taken on my morning run
     Everyone has a bad start to their day every now and then.  This morning, today was that day for my co-worker Alyssa.  The best part of her day was the fact that she put her shirt on inside-out.  While on the subway she noticed people looking and then she noticed that the seams were showing on her shirt… altering her to the fact that it may be on wrong.  Well, instead of awkwardly standing their in her own embarrassment, she said to the onlookers, "it's couture."  I die.  What a great statement.

     Meanwhile, my biggest struggle since arriving in The City is the fact that I cannot find my favorite yogurt anywhere.  If you happen to know where I can find the Dannon Oikos Banana flavored Greek yogurt, please contact me ASAP.  Nothing else compares.

That is all. Happy almost Humpday!

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