Friday, June 13, 2014

Valuable Advice

     Last night I went out to dinner with my "Aunt" Mona.  I put aunt in quotation marks because like many of my "aunts," she is not actually related to me.  Mona was a good friend of my mom's when she was working and living in the City.  Anyways, Mona works at the law firm I intern at and so over the summers I have spent in NYC, she has been a great friend and always gives me valuable advice.  She is so energetic and loves New York just as much, if not more, than I do.  I like to describe her as a walking encyclopedia of NYC.  You can ask her anything about the City, and she usually knows, or if she doesn't, she knows someone else who does.
     Anyways, last night we went out to eat at La Giara, a great little Italian place on 3rd Ave.  It was where we went to eat when I spent the night with her before my first summer ever of interning in NYC.  The food was just as good as I remembered!  We spent hours talking about life and catching up on any news I missed while in school.  Walking away from dinner, she left me with one great piece of advice that is applicable for anyone, no matter your age or position in life.  "If it makes you nervous, do it."  I will spend the rest of the summer with that mentality.  I know that this phrase may seem corny or cliché, but it is very true and sometimes we just need to be reminded of it. 
Happy Friday!

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