Sunday, May 18, 2014

Greatest City in the World

     I flew into NYC on Wednesday and I have been enjoying every minute since then.  The weather was pretty awful on Thursday and Friday, but the sky finally cleared on Saturday and it has been 70 and sunny since then. Absolutely gorgeous. Its weekend like this where I walk around constantly saying, "I love this place."

    As for the work situation, I started working at a record label Thursday and Friday, and tomorrow I will start working half time with the record label and half time with a small law firm. They are two very different places but I am learning a lot already and loving the environments and co-workers. (Especially liking all the free swag I get at the record label).

View from my friend's apt
    A good friend of mine has graciously allowed me to crash with her on the Upper East Side and I just locked in an apartment for myself starting June 1! Its a studio in Murray Hill and I could not be more excited about it. I have never lived alone so it will be a new and unique situation for me. (Obviously, the somewhat germaphobe in me loves the fact that I will not have to deal with dirty roommates).

Morning run by the river
     One more random note, as anyone who knows me and my travels on the LIRR in the past when I lived on Long Island, I was always looking for a way to avoid having people sit next to me or talk to me. Not that I am anti social, I just like my space and alone time when commuting… Any New Yorker can understand me on this. Anyways, one of my co-interns at the record label told me the greatest idea---FACE MASKS. Like the surgical ones. Apparently when she was in Tokyo, people wore them for the horrible air quality, but also, the younger generation has begun wearing them as a way to avoid talking to people. Genius.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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