Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Monday


     I ended my beautiful three day weekend with a walk through Central Park, but this time, Ali took me to a part that I had never been to before. The Conservatory Gardens are up on 105th Street and are simply studding.  There are three separate gardens within, each with their own style. 
Michael Albert
     On our way to the park we also stopped by an noticed some free art right across from the Guggenheim.  The artist Michael Albert was randomly giving away free prints to anyone who wanted one.  Me, being the art addict that I am, happily picked out one titled "Map of Manhattan."  I really enjoyed his work because much of it is in a collage style, and while growing up, I loved to make fashion collages out of my old Vogue magazines. 
Vanderbilt Gate entrance to the Gardens

   p.s. I also went to Sprinkles (my favorite cupcake chain) and tried their ice cream creations.  I then stared as people used the Cupcake ATM outside the shop.  Pure awesomeness. 

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