Monday, July 30, 2012

Sick and sicker

Sunset in Chelsea 
As I mentioned in my previous post, I got sick after being over-exposed to the sun. Apparently this sickness wanted to hang out with me all week and through the weekend. What can I say, I'm a pretty cool kid.

Despite my on-going sickness, I still managed to accomplish a few things this weekend. On Friday after work I headed over to the Chelsea Piers for some kayaking! A co-worker and I bought a great deal on Living Social to go kayaking for an hour and it was well worth it. The weather held out and turned out to be nice actually and we got to see a beautiful sunset on the water. I love doing outdoor activities and have been doing things on and in the water since I was about 9. In that time, I have never been seasick once. About halfway through our kayak trip, it hit me. Extreme nausea and a headache. It was miserable. The guide convinced me that getting in the water would help, she swore that it would actually, but it didn't and I ended up jumping into the Hudson for nothing (don't worry, I took a shower as soon as I we left). I was even more mortified when the instructor attached a rope to my kayak to tow me back...

Anyways, after reaching land, Anna and I went back to her apartment where I promptly showered and then relaxed. I thought the sickness would go away, but alas, it persisted. I was forced to abandon the opening ceremonies and head home, straight to bed.

Saturday morning I skipped practice and was feeling significantly better. I headed out to the infamous Coney Island with Will, Julia, and Will's friend from school, David. I haven't been to Coney Island since I was a kid but it was pretty interesting. Julia and I loved the aquarium because I love animals and Julia is basically a 10-year-old. When we went to see the walrus in the underwater viewing area, she screamed out "Oh my god he is so fat!! Look at him jiggle!" And with the seals it was, "Ohhh look at its butt!!" Endless entertainment.  We left the aquarium after about two hours and headed to the famous Nathan's. The boys and I indulged in the classic hotdog and fries, while Julia stuck with her diet and ate a bag of cotton candy.

After Coney we headed home and Julia and I hung out at her place. I watched some Olympics until my stomach started hurting again and then called a quits. Sunday I went swimming, where my body felt like limp noodles since I hadn't really worked out all week but it was good to hit the water again. I spent the rest of the day wandering around, eating ice cream, and doing laundry.

Only two more weeks left in the city!

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