Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lobster Status

Things I did this weekend:
1. Went to the Beirgarten and the Boom Boom Room. Great views and greatly overpriced drinks. Ended up at Artichoke again...surprise surprise!
2. Went to Lido beach with my friend Kathryn
3. Got a great sunburn! Had an old man come up to me, ask if I had sunblock, and then tell me to put some on---ummm, thanks, I know that I have sunburn!
4. Tried to go out, got sick from sun poisoning. Yay.
5. Went to the Cloisters on Sunday morning. It was amazing.
6. Ate at Dino BBQ. Also amazing.
7. Passed out for the rest of the day.
8. Got an awful head cold.

Thanks to number 8, I had to leave work early yesterday to sleep and re-cooperate. I feel much better now thankfully.

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