Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Very Late Update

  Sorry I have not been vigilant with keeping my blog updated! I have been so buys and tired lately that I have neglected my blog.  Anyways, I promise that this week I will get back up to date. I will start with last weekend, and I will keep it brief. The art historian in me, loves NYC because of the numerous museums it holds; so far, I have been to the Met, The MoMA, and after last weekend, the Whitney. For those who don't know, the Whitney holds artwork by American modern artists. I spent 3 hours in the museum, and still didn't see it all!
  As just a highlight, some of my favorite works were in their Singular Visions exhibit. Among such works, I really enjoyed Yellow River by De Kooning, Step in the Arena by Gary Simmons, and House of Fire II by Rosenquist. The exhibit was set up in a very interesting way, so that each work had its own space and experience. I highly recommend it.
  After the Whitney, I went to meet up with a couple of friends from school. We met for wine and cheese in the park, then dinner at Serafino's. After dinner, we went to the upper west side for some fun; after hanging out at the Gin Mill till about 2, I was more than ready for bed. All in all, a great weekend.

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