Friday, July 1, 2011

Food Wars

  Ever since I arrived in Great Neck, I have had trouble with Seymour eating my food. I mentioned in a previous post about how he ate my banana pudding... But recently he has started to eat my frozen meals. I bought these meals (which I might mention are not cheap) for nights when I get home and I am too tired to cook anything. Now, I wouldn't mind if he ate them because there was no food in the fridge, but he always buys so much food! So, after discovering one of my Lean Cuisines in the trash can, I confronted him and asked him not to eat them. Next night, I found another in the trash can. Again, I told him they were for me and please not to eat them. He says, "Okay, so what you're saying, is to avoid the Lean Cuisines and Stauffers." YES, grandpa, that is what I want. Well he went on to eat another.
  Tonight when I came home though, he told me to open the freezer, and showed me the Lean Cuisines he had bought, the exact ones he had eaten.  The guy can't remember not to eat my food, yet he can remember exactly which ones he ate and bought them for me.  How sweet.  Gotta love old people. 
  Thanks Grandpa.
(This is one of my favorites!)

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