Thursday, July 28, 2011

Calling All W&L Ladies

     If you go to W&L, you know that there are two items that every student is sure to bring out with them at night: their cell phone, and their swipe card (if they haven't lost it).  The ever present carry-all my first year was the Vera Bradley. This unexciting, overused, and abundantly common cotton handbag designer could be seen all over campus, all day, every day. The designer specializes in paisley pattern, in every color combination imaginable. Now I will confess, that I too succumbed to this trend, and purchased a case that fit my phone and a few credit cards inside (including my swipe which I will add, I have yet to loose!). The problem with said cases is that they are cotton so they absorb liquids and stain quickly, not to mention, EVERYONE had one. And I hate having the same thing as everyone else. Hate it.
     Sophomore year the ladies of Lexington made the switch to the newly back in style, cross-body bag. I love this trend because it stays on you the whole night, while you dance, walk, dorm-storm, or whatever else it is you do in the late hours of the night. It also has the potential to carry much more than the small hand held Vera's for those of us who also wish to take out say a camera or chap stick. I currently have four cross bodys and I love them.
      This year I see a change coming yet again; of course many girls with still be sporting their side satchels at night, but I have just discovered a wristlet that trumps them all. This new Michael Kors has a built in case for your iPhone and slits to carry your credit and swipe cards, and some cash. It comes in patent leather black, python, and gold. I personally prefer the python, but will most likely buy the black since patent leather holds up much better against the forces of college life. Oh yeah and I guess its just too bad if you're not team iPhone...

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