Friday, July 8, 2011

Commuter Problems

  This morning, as the guy was coming around to check everyone's tickets, a man in the row in front of me had an off-peak ticket, and at 7:47, it is clearly peak. In these situations (when a passenger either doesn't have a ticket or doesn't have the right kind), they pay cash and receive a paper slip as their ticket. Well this man did not have any cash on him and they don't take credit card. The ticket agent (I guess that's what you call them?) pulled out a slip and asked for his ID--clearly writing him a ticket to be paid at a later time. The cash-less man was clearly upset and asked how much he was being charged--$3! Haha. The passenger then became more upset by the fact that he was going to recieve a ticket for such a small amount and cursed out loud for the entire train to hear, "This is f-ing rediculous, are you kidding me?!"
  Um, excuse me Mr. I-bought-the-wrong-ticket-and-don't-carry-any-cash, but in case you haven't noticed, everyone else on the train pays the fare! I was perplexed as to why this man thought that he shouldn't be charged for his wrong ticket when everyone else is expected to do the same. Some people...

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