Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Having watched numerous movies set in NYC, I and I'm sure everyone else has come to recognize those iconic scenes of New Yorkers running to catch the train. Well, I must admit that I thought these were just exaggerations, who would actually run, push, and shove through crowds of people just to slip onto a crowded train. Let me tell you, those scenes are for real. After my first day of work, I caught the subway to Penn Station as soon as I could so that I could take the express train home (express meaning it doesn't make any stops other than my final one). The express train was leaving at 5:44, I finish work at 5:30, I arrived at Penn Station at 5:44 and a half, sweaty, out of breath, and exhausted, only to watch that train pull away.

As my mother says, the train doesn't wait for anyone. I guess one of the plusses of not living in a metropolitan area is that I can drive my car everywhere and not have to worry about it leaving me behind...

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