Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Perks of Working

  I haven't talked much about my internship yet, but that is probably because it took a few days for me to actually be assigned a substantial amount of work. The days of not having anything to do though have vanished and been replaced with project upon project. My current project involves me deleting every single document off of our online database (the documents are currently being uploaded with a URI, which is broken when people change the documents on their desktop) and then re-uploading them all as document files. There are 20,000+ documents that I have to re-upload. Uploading them isn't the problem though, its gathering all the data about them (file name, ID number, and location) that is taking my forever. I am using excel to store all of this data, and although I am familiar with excel, I have never learned complex equations. My supervisor, as a way of making me think and not have a totally boring task, has me figure these equations all out on my own...it took me 3 hours to figure out how to cut the URI link so that only the document title came out. I will soon excel at excel... ha ha
  But, aside from the intensive projects I am involved in, the company I work for has some great perks. First off, as opposed to many large firms, I finish my work day at 5:30 (I have a friend interning with a marketing company who is in the office till 9PM some nights). So I have a good work schedule (I don't have to be in until 9AM), thats not really a big deal right?  Well, if you add in the fact that they always have Greek yogurt, cereals, fresh fruits, coffee, tea, sodas, and other snacks for us, you may start to get jealous. Just to make sure you are actually jealous, I have my lunches paid for me every day. We use this website called SeamlessWeb.com to order from hundreds of restaurants around the city that have joined this site. We simply place our order online, and then the restaurants deliver to our building.
  Incase you can't tell, food is a priority for me. Today when my supervisor called me into his office, he told me he had a "typical intern task" for me to do; I'm thinking great, I am going to have to make a million copies, fetch coffee, or seal hundreds of envelopes. "Would you mind picking up 30 cupcakes for me?" All you had to do was say "cupcakes" and I will do whatever you want. If these are the kind of tasks he wants me to do, I will be an intern for the rest of my life!

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