Sunday, June 12, 2011

Living with Grandpa part deux

  Friday morning, I'm excited because, well, its Friday! When I was pouring milk into my cereal  that morning I noticed a strange smell, and upon smelling the milk carton, I almost vomited; Grandpa Seymour must have left the milk out last night. In frustration, I poured the milk out and skipped breakfast, then finished getting ready for work.  I lock my bedroom door as I leave, (as previously mentioned, I put a locking doorknob on it to keep g-pa out) and go to walk out of the apartment, when I realize I forgot something in my room; too bad I locked my keys inside! So I have started out my weekend by locking myself out of my bedroom and eating dry cereal (I will also note that I love milk, and breakfast, so having neither does not make me happy). Great.
  Anyways, I had a great day of work as I was assigned a huge project that involves me deleting every document off of our funds database that is currently attached with a URI, and then re-loading them all as documents. There are 107,399 documents. At lunch a bunch of the younger employees took me and my co-intern out to lunch and I had a good time getting to know some of the people to work at E&E in a different setting.
  As the day came to a close, I found myself back at the apartment, standing at the intercom calling Seymour to let me in (remember I locked my keys in my room). In sum, I spent 10 minutes yelling at an intercom because grandpa didn't seem to have his hearing aide in--Grandpa, why else would I call you other than to let me in?!?! What you think I just wanted to have a conversation over the intercom? Jeeze. Luckily, someone happened to be downstairs as I conversed with the wall, and let me in.
  Oh, and so I stopped at the grocery store to buy new milk since Seymour spoiled the old milk. The grocery store had 2 for 1 and of course, as a cheap college student who loves milk, I got two. I am about to put the new milk in the fridge and Grandpa says, "oh you got milk? So did I!" AWESOME- Now we have 3 cartons of milk in the fridge; guess we will have some super strong bones by the end of the summer... or maybe have a great body like Beckham...

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