Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Adventures of a Shoe Lover

  This weekend, while perusing up 5th Ave, I decided to stop in Ferragamo, one of my favorite designers. I have always admired their iconic buckle, high quality leather, and simple bows. As the shoe-obbsessed-paid-intern-living-in-New York that I am, I of course wanted to spend my first paycheck on something nice, something designer. So I go into the store and pick three pairs of shoes to try on; after the sassy sales girl helped me for half an hour, I decided to buy the pair of dark salmon flats with the simple bow on top, lined with a thin gold trim. They were very comfortable and the color was easy to match with many of my outfits.
  I was literally about to hand my card over to the sales associate, when I asked to make sure that they would bring me out a fresh pair. The clerk told me no, that they were the last pair and unique to the store. Well, I had noticed a small dark stain on the top of the shoe and there is no way I was going to pay $400 for a pair of stained shoes. I asked them if there was anything they could do about it; the sales girl attempted to rub it off, then told me, "well, when you are wearing them, you can't really see the stain from far away." Ha. You have got to be kidding me! I asked again if they were sure there was nothing they could do but they would not lower the price.  I must say, for a high end store, I expected better customer service. But I still love them of course, I guess I will just have to go back another day to find my perfect pair...
  I may have left Ferragamo empty handed, but there are so many other stores for me to enjoy in this great city.
  Their 2010 ad campaign with Claudia Schiffer...I guess we have the same problem.

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