Wednesday, March 23, 2011

City for the Summer

Exciting news just in! I have been offered an internship with Ehrenkranz and Ehrenkranz LLP this summer in NYC! E&E is a boutique investment/law firm that deals with mostly financial matters. Aside from the great professional experience that I will gain from this internship, I cannot wait to spend
my entire summer in New York. I have already begun my "business attire" shopping and I am currently on the lookout for neutral heels (or not so neutral) that are a walkable height. Although I do own plenty of 4 inchers, my Mother insists that they are a bit impracticable for a 9-5 work day in the city. Well, any excuse for new shoes is a good one as far as I'm concerned!
I am currently obsessed with the Seychelles brand, which sports a chunky yet stylish heel on almost all of their shoes. Check out for a great selection.

P.S. If anyone needs a roommate in the city or has an extra room, let me know! I am a great roommate I promise!

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  1. Reading your blog instead of doing my homework... glad to see you're active in the blogosphere once again!