Friday, September 10, 2010

Memoirs of a Lifeguard

As I look back on yet another summer spent lifguarding, I have learned a few new things.

  1. Bikinis on toddlers never work, no matter how cute they are, the girl might as well go topless
  2. A guard will have to yell "WALK!" or "NO RUNNING!" an average of 3 times before the kid actually listens to you.
  3. Kids can go down the same water slide for an hour and a half and still enjoy the 53rd ride as much as the 1st.
  4. Intoxicated adults can be just as annoying as their kids.
  5. Being a head guard has many perks; especially the fact that you no longer have to clean bathrooms
  6. Even though you may feel bad watching the kid you just swim tested cry because they didn't pass, when they try again the next month and make it, the smile on their face at that time will make it all worth it.

After 5 years of saving lives, I think it is time to hang up the whistle and red suit. As much as I love getting a tan every day and hanging out with co-workers, there comes a time when I guess I must face the real world, and get a real job...or internship. But hey, I have all year to decide that, right?

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