Wednesday, June 6, 2012


So, today was day three of my internship and I'm already knee deep in work. I write this post as I ride the good old LIRR home. I'm glad to be busy but staring at two computer screens for hours on end can become quite sedating. I am trying to limit myself to one cup of coffee a day and so far so good.

I am also enjoying the free lunches again! Having fun trying out new places for lunch. Today I met up with Julia for a little bit during lunch to catch up- she is interning with Barney's and loving it. To be honest, I am a bit envious that she gets to work in fashion, but then I remember I'm getting paid and she's not.

Update on my living status: I may have found an apartment on the upper east side! Sage is checking it out for me tomorrow so fingers crossed it is good and has AC! I would be so great to love on the UES...

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