Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pinkie Promise

  Once I get home to NC, which will be sometime next week, I promise numerous blog posts--I have so much to tell but I have just been so busy getting ready to leave NYC. I must say that I am sad to leave; I have been having such a great time I don't see any reason to return to school and rural Virginia! Ha. But I know that once I am back on campus I will be excited for another year of college. Today is my second to last day at work and the weather could not be any more perfect. I wish I could transplant my computer to sit in front of the fountains out front of the building instead of sitting in this freezing office!
  Just a few fun facts to give people an update of my life:
  1. Dunkin' Donuts Iced latte's are delicious, less expensive than Starbucks and you get more for the money
  2. I am obsessed with Instagram and Le Pain Quotidien 
  3. My style is morphing into a rocker-chic feel and I plan on investing (if the stock market turns around) in the Frye 12R Harness boot and a McQueen scarf with skulls (if I can find one reasonably priced)
  4. Natasha and I are going to tea at the Plaza on Saturday and I couldn't think of a better goodbye/send off from the City than that (we will be getting the New Yorker tea obviously)
  5. Today is a great day to be alive. Go outside, smile, and enjoy the beautiful weather!

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