Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oh Henri

  Anyone who knows New York, knows that Bendel's is the place to find that special something to complete your outfit. Its like stepping into accessory heaven, where all things glitter and shine, and the neutral brown/white color scheme creates the perfect shopping environment. Although as the broke college student that I am, I cannot afford much in the store, I always enjoy wandering around the upstairs area. I have also learned that it is better to take the side stairs near the main entrance that the back ones, because then you don't have to walk through the beauty section--the beauty section is the only downside to Bendel's: you will be asked at least three times if you want to try "product X", or smell this wonderful "perfume Y" as you walk the whole 20 yards to the staircase; it just drives me nuts.
  Anyways, last weekend I decided that my "trademark NY purchase" would be one of their lovely scarves. I wanted to buy something that I could keep forever, wouldn't get worn out like shoes, and that is versatile. I fell in love with their "Bendel Loves NY" scarf, but it is only 22"x22" and not large enough for me to put to good use. After about 20 minutes of touching, unfolding, and staring at multiple scarves, I fell in love with their limited edition "Girl Takes Off." Its got the iconic Chrysler and Empire State Building in the background, and Swarovski crystals spot the night sky. Its perfect. And I actually may go back today and buy the smaller Bendel Love NY one to frame and hang on my wall... who knows!

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