Sunday, May 23, 2010

Only one freshman year

There are so many firsts in life, and your freshman year of college is definitely one of the best. I packed up my SUV all by my self, and boy did I underestimate how much crap I have accumulated over this year. I mean, I could barely see out of the back of the car, thats how packed it was (and I drive a Chevy Tahoe). I finally finished packing every thing Saturday morning and so the only thing left to do was say goodbye to my room 215 and all of the great friends I had made on that floor. I was able to keep the waterfalls in until I had to say goodbye to Kelly Mae, and it was all downhill from there. Seeing everyone leave is hard, but being the one to leave your friends is even harder. Life in the dorms was great, and life on the co-ed hall was even better. There is no place I would have rather spend my first year of college at Washington and Lee. The guys were some of the greatest, especially listening to them play guitar and yelling at Halo every night, and the girls were one in a million. It's sad to think that next year I will not have little slips of paper under my door inviting me to the hottest frat party, or that I can't just walk down the hall and speak to my RA if I have a question (or if I just want to steal his Nip Tuck season 4). I will never forget our hall Christmas when Johanna bought us all dollar tree gifts, or when we filled Stephen's room with balloons, and I can't forget the "person" Caroline made and left in the hallways and scared me every single day. Any way you put it, freshman year, Davis floor 2, was by far one of the best experiences I could ask for in college, and in life.

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  1. Agreed. My freshman year at W&L was the BEST an you were a big part of that... thank you. Second floor Davis will always have a special place in my heart!